Shit On A Shingle

I’m posting late tonight cause I’m still at the office burning CD’s. The time change has kind of messed with me and it feels later than it is.

I had my last kickball game on Friday. Our team came in 4th place of four teams in the league. The only team to not win a single game. Although our team may have had the worst record we definitely had the most fun. After the game we headed over to Rome’s for the season finale party. At the party I received the booby award for the most dropped fly balls. The award was a bag of Butterfinger bars. Many on my team said “I didn’t deserve the award” but the league director said “it was a unanimous decision”. I wasn’t sure whether to take any of that as a compliment or not. The league was tons of fun and I’m looking forward to playing next spring. Hopefully it won’t be on Fridays.

On Saturday I cleaned house for a while and then did some grocery shopping. Afterwards I went to and got a new stereo for my car. The stereo is sweet, detachable face, plays .mp3’s, etc. Problem is, those fuckos at Best Buy said it would be installed by 7:30. It ended up taking till 10:00 and the still haven’t got it totally installed correctly and I have to take it in later during the week. I did get a free pair of speakers and free installation out of the deal though.

On Sunday I went over to my brothers for breakfast. He fixed us all shit-on-a-shingle. It was delish. Then I went to the new super target. That place is so excessive yet so cheap. I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment.

Tomorrow I have a visitor coming into town. Chances are I won’t type anything here for the rest of the week. Have a happy Halloween everyone!

5 thoughts to “Shit On A Shingle”

  1. Is the new Cd/MP3 player a Kenwood? I got a Kenwood Excelon a few months ago and LOVE it! I can play up to 280 songs or something like that. It’s very nice! Enjoy!

  2. Ohh Hoooray! I love it when you have a special guest, and when she has a special guest!!!!

    Hope ya’all have a great visit. 🙂

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