I don’t know. It seems like things have been fairly busy around hubsville. I’ve got vacations planned, plane tickets bought, measurements taken, concert tickets bought, hotels booked, weddings, days off of work, special people to see. It’s all so far away and barreling at me at light speed at the same time. If nothing else, and it is something else, these are generally some exciting and good times for me. And the future holds more promise. Sometimes it’s tough to bring in the reigns, but most of the time I don’t want to. I’ve got lots I need to do in what appears to be the shortest/longest time, and it’s starting to weigh on me a bit, but I think it’s because I let it.

I’m kind of nervous about what I’m gonna say for my toast during my friend’s wedding. Does anybody have any suggestions? This one is going to be big for me.

My kickball team is a go. This one is going to be a blast.

I have lots of work I need to do. Somehow I always end up pulling it all out of my ass and getting it done. But something tells me that somehow something is gonna go wrong. This one is unjustified.

I’m taking three days off next week to have a mini tour of Southern Colorado including a wedding in Durango as well as some camping combined with a WSP show in Telluride with my craziest group of friends. This one is going to be ridiculous.

All of this is happening this month – in addition to birthdays, rehearsals, parties, dinners, and several other social events sprinkled throughout – and even bigger (and better) things planned for next month.

4 thoughts to “Shortest/Longest”

  1. I just stuck “Wedding Toasts” into Google and got a few responses. One was a website, so you get instant access for 20 bucks and it had 65 speech templates on it. I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding that featured a toast.

  2. Yeah, toasting is actually kind of stressful. You want to strike just the right balance between funny and serious, and not too cheesy or too vulgar. Searching the internet is a GREAT idea. Good luck!!

  3. So hubsville really IS a hub of activity these days. I wish I could loan you the perfect toast for the wedding, but I can only give you a few pointers.

    1. At no time during the toast should you mention the groom’s ex-girlfriend. (as in “I’m so glad you didn’t marry that ****, she was such a whore.)

    2. It is ALWAYS inappropriate to refer to the bride as “the hot chick in the white dress”, and even more inappropriate to let the crowd know that you were “hot on that tail, but he beat me to it”.

    3. When toasting, one should keep it simple and sweet and make it somehow personal to the couple rather than a general insta-toast.

    Good luck and have fun.

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