So After Tonight

Hubs Hiding His Face In Shame After Manbunting, Sheridan Middle School, Denver

Feh. Got our asses kicked in kickball on Wednesday. Afterward a few of us sauntered over to Sobo 151 to watch the Red Sox/Yankees series wrap up. I was too enthralled with the menu to care about who won the game. Sobo is a Czech themed hockey/soccer bar. To bad the is no real hockey this season (Yet. Come on, keep the dream alive). Anyway, it’s a cool bar if you not hip enough for the Skylark.

I have been on the verge of getting sick all week but have been able to stave it off. This might not be so after tonight. I am, however doing much better than last year.

Last night I took it easy had a large bowl of homemade chili and sat on the couch and watched Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. It was a pretty good flick when you take it tongue in cheek. For some reason I think the CIA is a metaphor for some person or entity in corporate hollywood but I’m probably reading a lot into that.

Goodbye all my beautiful apple pies à la mode.

8 thoughts to “So After Tonight”

  1. manbunting is a kickball term used for a kick which isn’t intenionally kicked hard but instead dinked to infield in order to gain a single. there is really no excuse for it in kickball. an thusly ther is a hall of shame

  2. oh man, manbunting is hilarious.

    sobo’s rules. i like to go there because i pretend i’m in the czech republic, and because they have pilsner urquell on the tap. my friends don’t like to go there though because it gets very smokey inside.

    i did ‘ob-la-di, ob-la-da’ on night at karaoke there.

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