So I Left Early

Don’t worry. You’re much cooler than I am. I’m sure your three-day weekend was way more eventful and fun than mine was.

But I got to sleep a lot. On Friday, I came home from work and parked my ass on the couch – it stayed there all evening. I slept till 11:30 on Saturday. Then I attended a bbq: great weather, badminton, bocce ball, beer, and burgers. It was fun, but I was still feeling under the weather, so I left early. I slept in till 10:00 on Sunday, got up, moved to the couch, and then slept till 3:00. I then met up with my brother and his girlfriend and we went to a party. I got to see a lot of people from the “widespread” crowd that I don’t get to see very often and that made the evening worthwhile. I was still feeling a little under the weather on Monday but managed to do three loads of laundry, go out to eat some lunch, wash a sink full of dishes, make the bed, tidy up a little, and catch the new roadrules (unimpressed) on MTV. I’m still feeling a little ill, but better than I have over the last week. I hope the (very) relaxing weekend may have helped.

One thought to “So I Left Early”

  1. oh i don’t know, hubs. i spent the majority of the weekend not being able to go to work (since god forbid i get some time off) because i was sick. and then when i got better, what did i get to do??? go to work, of course. ain’t life fun? 🙂 and i was even going to take inspiration from you and spend a morning reading and drinking coffee at a local cafe… sheesh.

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