Stop. Now Go!

I can’t believe it snowed again on Friday. I seriously think it has to be the last time it’s going to snow this year. God I hope so. I skipped kickball because of the snow. In fact a lot of people on my team skipped it and that forced us to forfeit the game for a loss. So we lose again. I’m actually starting to get used to it.

At around 10:30 on Wednesday I started to get restless and went around the corner and grabbed a beer. It was nice to go out cause I haven’t been out for about three weeks but it was actually pretty boring.

On Saturday I headed up to Boulder to a friend’s house who was throwing a party for my brother’s birthday. The party was a total time. My friend’s house is in a rural section of north boulder so we could be as rowdy and loud as we wanted. Lots of people brought instruments along and most of the night we had an impromptu band playing in the out building. Everyone kept switching instruments and playing whatever they felt like, even if they didn’t know how to play it, now was the time to learn! There were congas and bongos and other hand drums. There were those things that sound like coconuts. There was full drum kit (with hi-hat, cymbals, all kinds of tom drums and double kick bass). There were at least four guitars, some electric and some acoustic and one base. There were also a xylophone and a trombone. We all stayed up jamming and dancing and sometimes plugging our ears into the wee hours of the night.

On Sunday we slept in and then grabbed breakfast on the pearl street mall. The weather was beautiful and the company was as obnoxious and hilarious as usual. We did a fair amount of shopping too. My brother and me bought these really nice two string kites so we can ‘bond through kiting. I can’t wait for it to get windy. At least then you won’t have to listen to me bitch about the snow anymore.

5 thoughts to “Stop. Now Go!”

  1. denver weather can be really wierd slp. it was eighty degrees the day before it snowed. i’ve gone both skiing and golfing on the same day more than once. denver actually averages 300 days of sunshine a year, more than san diego even.

  2. that is weird that it snowed. I didn’t even hear about it from Victoria. I wonder if you guys were at the same birthday party in Boulder on Saturday night. Mmmm????

    jocelyn (who wants to be vivienne)

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