Sweet Sushi Sleep

I went up to Boulder last night. I hadn’t been there in close to a year. And boy was it worth the drive. I met Katy and a couple of her business clients at Japango for dinner. All you can eat dinner. All you can eat sushi dinner! All you can eat sushi dinner for $27!! And two-for-one drinks ’til 6 o’clock. We sat there for three-and-a-half hours and gorged ourselves. We must have ordered a couple hundred dollars worth of sushi. My god what a fucking feast. It actually physically hurt to walk out of the restaurant. There was a down side though.

I had extreme difficulty getting to sleep. This is unusual for me, as I can usually sleep soundly, even if there were a large military tank in the room. I rolled and rollicked till two in the morning, still unable to sleep. So I went outside and took a small walk around the block. When I got back to bed I crashed. I think it may have been the exceptionally large and long sushi dinner, but I can’t be sure.

4 thoughts to “Sweet Sushi Sleep”

  1. mmmmm sushi, my fav. doc is going up to boulder this weekend to see his sister, she lives there. going to the duncan sheik concert somewhere round there too.

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