Jerry’s Dead

Today marks the 15th year since the indelible Jerry Garcia passed away to that big drum circle in the sky. And the only Grateful Dead I ever knew went right along with him.

Below is a pretty stirring rendition of the National Anthem at a 1993 San Francisco Giants game at Candlestick Park performed by Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Vince Welnick.

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Opening Day

Opening Day

Today is the Colorado Rockies opening day so yesterday my dad and I took a tour of Coors Field. If you’re a fan of baseball, and in particular a fan of the Rockies, I highly recommend the tour. It’s a really interesting and insightful. It lasts about 90 minutes and you get to see the entire ball field from top down and the guides are full of unusual facts and little known tid-bits about the Rockies home field.

Below is the purple stripe leading down Blake Street to Coors Field marking the way for the opening day parade.

Opening Day Racing Stripe

More pictures below.
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The free corporate tickets my company gave me to last nights Rockies game are on the third tier. From up there we could see me girlfriends’ firms tickets – front row directly behind the cameras next to the visitors dug out. We also saw that one of the guys she works with had two empty seats next to him. A couple of text messages later and we were right there practically on the diamond. You couldn’t get any closer to the game.

As I was scarfing down a bowl full of deluxe nachos and a beer, an usher brought a group of six young boys, all decked out in there little league uniforms, up to the cameras right next to us. He set the boys up in a staggered line with the smallest kids in front. On the ushers cue, one of the cameras stopped filming the game and swung around to face the boys. The kids went crazy cheering and pumping there fists. And then I noticed they were on the jumbotron.

Now was my chance!

I leaned way over in front of a kid. Never taking my eyes off the jumbotron I put a big smile on my face and popped a deluxe nacho dripping with cheese, chili, and jalapeno into my mouth. I did it! I finally made it onto the jumbotron at a major sporting event. Eating nachos for the world. An then the camera immediately turned off. I wasn’t on the screen for even a second. And to be honest there is some dispute as to whether my face made it onto the screen or if it was just my elbow. But I swear me and my nachos were on there for a-half-a-second.

The Rockies may have lost but I got to put another check mark on my bucket list. Next time I’m bringing my camera.

What Do You Do On Date Night?

Cubbies vs Rockies :: Coors Field, Denver

Last Friday was date night. What do you do on date night? Go to the movies and then come home and make out, of course. Or miniature golf and heavy petting. We opted for the movies.

Saturday I went and visited my Grandma. She seemed to be doing better than usual. Which is scary because I know it can change on a dime and will ultimately make me more sad. But it’s great when I’m there and she seems to be alright (despite knowing the truth). So it was an enjoyable visit. Saturday night was sushi with my bro and his girl at The Sushi Boat (cool river, lame atmosphere, good sushi).

Sunday we tried out the over-hyped Snooze. Then we headed to the Rockies vs. the Cubbies game where I was torn with whom to cheer for.

Ditch Days

Just got back from another baseball game this afternoon. I love getting the afternoon off of work (paid) to go eat hot dogs and drink beer. No really, I loooove it. The tickets were free, given to me by the boss, so I grabbed my assistant and we had a ditch day. A cold, wet, ditch day. The weatherman on the jumbotron said it was 42 degrees. And I rained nearly the entire game (in fact it snowed last night, I can’t believe its mid-May and it still snowed! see those clouds on the horizon in the picture below?). But a ditch day is a ditch day, no matter the weather. Oh, and incase you’re wondering, the Rockies won this time.

Hey Batter Batter Batter SWING Batter

Rockies Vs. Pirates, Coors Field, Denver

I went to my first baseball game of the season last night. It was the Rockies vs. the Pirates. A guy at work gave me over $100 worth of free tickets. Four tickets, 18th row, right behind the visitors’ dugout. It was foul ball territory all night, and I still haven’t caught mine. I should put that on my big list: catch a ball at a MLB game. I’ve come pretty close in the past, just a few seats away. But I haven’t got my fingers on one yet. It was dollar hotdog night too, which, in my opinion, actually is the cake. Watching baseball is the icing. It sucked though, cause I had all these free tickets but couldn’t find a soul to go with me. Granted, I did get the tickets a little late in the day, and I didn’t call everyone I know. But I can’t believe I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. Amazing. So I went to the game on my own. But if you know me, you know this is not out of the ordinary for me and I rather enjoyed myself. I had plenty of elbow room to eat all those hot dogs. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Rockies lost, 10-15 in extra innings.
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Baseball Days

I had a nice weekend. On friday I went to an old haunt, The Bank. I’m surprised the bar tender their remembered me, as it had been almost a year since I had been there. Had a beer then came home.

I slept in on Saturday. At around noon I met my dad and my brother at Coors Field to watch the Rockies play the Expos. The Rockies lost, but I got to introduce my brother to the infamous Rockie Dog (a foot long hotdog with fresh onions, grilled onions, grilled red peppers, grilled green peppers, sauerkraut, and mustard). Only three places in the nation serve the Rockie Dog, and they all happen to be within 100 yards of each other. After the game me and my brother went over to my mom’s to celebrate mothers day (we were both in Vegas last weekend). We watched Piñero. It was just “ok”. I’d only recommend it to the right people. The chronology was difficult to follow. I don’t think I would have liked it had it not been biographical.

I got up early on Sunday morning and spent the morning at the coffee shop reading. Then I hopped on my bike and went tooling around town. I went to Revoluciones to check out the showing of Amy Flomberg’s work. It was all really good, I particularly liked the larger brighter pieces. Sherry Hern also had work there that was pretty good. I also spent some time at Denver Public Library and riding around the park.