Yesterday I went to see the new Simpsons movie. Definitely worth my $6.00. But I’m a fan of the Simpson and laughed throughout the entire movie, so my opinion is probably a bit biased. Still, I recommend you go see it. Stay through the credits to hear the Springfield Anthem, afterall, the music is one of the best parts of the Simpsons. In celebration here are some pictures I took a few ago of the 7-11 they turned into a Kwik-E-Mart here in Denver.


Radioactive & Rachell

Kwik-E-Mart Security Hat

Buzz Cola

Me & Security
The guys down at Westword like to make fun of this security guard for some reason. He actually had a pretty tough job the night I was there, the drunks were out in full force.

By the way, the title to this post is the emoticon for “Homer”.


The World Monuments Fund has a list of the 100 most endagered sites in the world. The list is announced every two years and calls attention to cultural heritage sites around the world threatened by neglect, vandalism, armed conflict, or natural disaster. The list covers 55 countries and all seven continents. Several of these endangered monuments are in the United States and one of them is in Colorado.

Run The Register

This February 25, the American Lung Association challenges you to power through 1,014 steps to the top of the cash register building in downtown Denver for their “Run The Register” event. Usually, the building’s stairwell is closed to the public, but they’ll unchain the doors and let you climb all the way to the 47th floor, where you can enjoy a stunning panorama of the Colorado horizon before taking the elevator back down to the lobby.

Holiday Lights

A while back SE was in town. We took a little architectural rehab tour of the Lodo area. While walking around, we tried to see if the Denver Gas & Electric (which is now a datacenter) building was lit up. Everyone was disappointed that it wasn’t. Well now for the holidays it’s been lit up again (Denver has lots of great christmas lights). So this one is for you SE…
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