They’re All Made Out Of Ticky-Tacky And They All Look Just The Same

There is a surprising amount of visual diversity in these tract homes in Santa Clara, California. Especially given that all the houses are all located in the same area, are all built during the same decade (1950’s), and all are structured from the same architectural plan. Photographer Julia Baum says of the photo collection,

“Over the past 50 years these Houses have transformed from modest white cubes into a vibrant display of personality and present a rebellion against conformity. My work asserts that human individuality cannot be contained. Inevitably it shines through even the most average facade.”

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Laguna – Day Three & Four (Beached)

Images from Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, California

The next day was spent nearly entirely at the beach, laying in the sun, body surfing, boogie boarding, reading, sunning, tide pooling, and swimming. It’s amazing how much relaxing at the ocean can actually wear you out. After about nine hours at the Crescent Bay beach we all started to get really hungry so we went and got sushi for dinner. The sushi bar had a fairly decent Sunday night reggae band playing. However, more enjoyable than the band were the throngs of women dancing. The beach boys weren’t lying about you California girls. And the japanese aren’t joking about there saki.

After waking on Monday, like on all the previous days, I again headed straight down to the beach. We then went out and got Mexican food and headed back to Crescent Bay Beach were we had an abbreviated version of yesterday before having to catch the plane home. It was a wonderful trip and I definitely got my beach fix. Though I can’t wait to get back.

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Laguna – Day Two (The Wedding)

Beach Legs, Laguna Beach, California

The next morning We all headed down to the beach for a couple of hours before the wedding.

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, California

Husband & Wife, Laguna Beach California

Rooftop Reception, Laguna Beach California

The wedding was beautiful. One of the best locations for a wedding I’ve been to. Of course, I’m a sucker for the beach and have never been to a beach wedding before, so it was all kinds of new and exciting. The bride and groom wrote their own vows and the ceremony was casual, short, and sweet. The reception was held on the on the rooftop of the nearby beach hotel La Casa Del Camino and was tons of fun. Everyone was having such a good time that the entire wedding party had to be kicked off the roof and later kicked off the hotel grounds. We almost didn’t get a chance to throw our shredded coconut (remember, beach theme) at the bride and groom. After the reception I joined the majority of the wedding party at the Sandpiper, a hole in the wall bar down the block. After whooping it up at the bar for a while, I joined a bunch of friends down at the beach for a while.

Laguna – Day One (Getting There)

Palm Trees, Laguna Beach, California

I had a great vacation last week in Laguna Beach California. It was a relaxing, long, four-day weekend that consisted mainly of a wedding, parties, and lying on the beach.

It actually Started on Thursday evening after taking off from work a little bit early. Sabrina picked me up and we headed out to Pasquini’s where I ate a pizza and we split a couple of pitchers of sangria. Afterward she helped me pack for my trip and we had a great conversation about everything along with a couple more drinks.

Getting up at six in da mo’nin’ was made difficult by the previous nights gin and juice. It also caused me to fail packing my swimsuit (which I keep in the trunk of my car because you never know when you’re going to get the chance for a dip). This did not end up being a problem as Laguna happens to be filled to the brim with stores that sell bright yellow speedos in my size. After arriving in Laguna we checked into our hotel (Capri Laguna Inn has great rates and ocean views but is a bit run down) and headed straight to the 1,000 steps beach. We then walked around town and settled on shrimp and calamari tacos for lunch. Afterward, I drove a few people to another beach for the wedding rehearsal. While everyone else packed into the limo for the rehearsal dinner I went back into town, spent fifteen minutes swimming in the ocean, watched the sunset, did some exploring along the rocks, and then found my mom and we went out for chicken bbq pizza. I know I’ve got a good vacation going when it starts with having pizza two nights in a row. After dinner I met up with a bunch of friends on the rooftop of La Casa Del Comina and we partied till late into the night.