Wet T-Shirt Contest Water Boy

Here we are on what would be the 90th anniversary of Charles Bukowski’s birthday so I guess I’ll post one of my favorite obscure Bukowski clips. The clip is from the 1977 classic “Supervan“. In the film a lecherous Bukowski has an uncredited cameo appearance as a wet t-shirt contest judge. Bukowski is seen splashing water and groping unsuspecting (or possibly suspecting) young starlets while wearing a t-shirt that reads “Wet T-Shirt Contest Water Boy”. I have no idea how the writers/producers/directors ever roped him into this one but I’m glad they did.

Bukowski also has cameo appearances in The Killers and Barfly (which he wrote). If you’re interested in purchasing “SUpervan”, it was released just this March on DVD. And if you’re a huge fan of vans, the actual Supervan is currently for sale.

A Lifetime In 10 Weeks

The last couple of months have been pretty crazy/amazing/profound. So much has happened that, I’ll probably never remember it all, and truthfully, that doesn’t bother me. In some ways I have a tinge of regret for not having taken the time to write it all down as it happened or shortly there after. If not just so I have it archived somewhere. But in reality, some of it I don’t know how to write about – i don’t have the words to fit the experience. Some of it I don’t care about. And some of it I simply don’t care to remember.

So instead I’m going to cop-out and make a list of some of the major and minor events of the past 10 weeks in no particular order and just leave it at that. I can only hope my life remains as eventful and that I take the time to write about it afterward.

I went to my first honky tonk.
I saw Built To Spill play again.
I’ve been to the hospital three times for three different individuals. Two of them in the emergency room. One fatal.
I met family members I have never met before and most likely will never meet again.
I spent a long weekend at my timeshare in Vail.
I went to a mini-family reunion and ski vacation in Breckenridge.
I suffered through a 150-hour work week.
I took a full week vacation.
A loved one died in my arms. It was probably one of the most weighty and profound experiences in my life to this point.
I did my time in the back of a cop car in Henryetta, Oklahoma.
I had the pleasure of staying in a giant mountain mansion with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two hot tubs, and ski in ski out access.
My car was hit by a kid who had his drivers license for a measly two days. He ended up totaling his car a week later.
I Was invited over by complete strangers for a mardi gras party/steak dinner.
Somehow fit in about eight days of skiing.
Saw a friend who I haven’t seen since his wedding.
The kitchen remodel was completed.
Mom came to town for a visit.
A few birthday parties were celebrated.
I got fall down drunk with a co-worker.
And lots of other various sundriness and ephemera.

Shit On A Shingle

I’m posting late tonight cause I’m still at the office burning CD’s. The time change has kind of messed with me and it feels later than it is.

I had my last kickball game on Friday. Our team came in 4th place of four teams in the league. The only team to not win a single game. Although our team may have had the worst record we definitely had the most fun. After the game we headed over to Rome’s for the season finale party. At the party I received the booby award for the most dropped fly balls. The award was a bag of Butterfinger bars. Many on my team said “I didn’t deserve the award” but the league director said “it was a unanimous decision”. I wasn’t sure whether to take any of that as a compliment or not. The league was tons of fun and I’m looking forward to playing next spring. Hopefully it won’t be on Fridays.

On Saturday I cleaned house for a while and then did some grocery shopping. Afterwards I went to and got a new stereo for my car. The stereo is sweet, detachable face, plays .mp3’s, etc. Problem is, those fuckos at Best Buy said it would be installed by 7:30. It ended up taking till 10:00 and the still haven’t got it totally installed correctly and I have to take it in later during the week. I did get a free pair of speakers and free installation out of the deal though.

On Sunday I went over to my brothers for breakfast. He fixed us all shit-on-a-shingle. It was delish. Then I went to the new super target. That place is so excessive yet so cheap. I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment.

Tomorrow I have a visitor coming into town. Chances are I won’t type anything here for the rest of the week. Have a happy Halloween everyone!

Day Two: Skidding In Cars

Saturday was spent sleeping in, watching some tube, and running errands and hanging out with friends. We then headed up to Lionsgate for the wedding. The wedding was great. It was held outside and the weather ended up being perfect. The reception was a blast. There was a live band, the buffet actually tasted pretty decent, and I got to see lots of new and old friends.

I drove the bride and groom from the reception to the hotel in the groom’s father’s Buick GSX. At departing time everyone was gathered around the car. I loaded the bride and groom into the backseat to chants of my name as everyone had expected me to “lay a bunch of rubber” and “smokeout” that “musclecar”. I had a little trouble finding the keys as they were put on the seat and not left in the ignition as I was told. Meanwhile everyone outside of the car everyone is drunk and screaming, some of them yelling “yeah hubs!”. I start the engine. Then while the engine is running, with a sharp, grinding, pierce, I start the engine again. The crowd roars with laughter and I begin to get really nervous. I rev the engine for a little while longer, trying to figure out how I’m going to avoid the minvan and the guest house that are in front of me, and still “peelout”. The girls love a man who can peel-out and now was my chance. So I pressed on the brakes and held them down about half way, then I pressed on the accelerator, hard. I slowly crept forward about fifty feet but the wheels never began to slip so I let off the accelerator. The car then came slamming to a halt and the bride and groom came flying out of their seats in back and bounced off the front seats. I then slowly drove out of the parking lot with everyone inside and outside of the car laughing.
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