A Lifetime In 10 Weeks

The last couple of months have been pretty crazy/amazing/profound. So much has happened that, I’ll probably never remember it all, and truthfully, that doesn’t bother me. In some ways I have a tinge of regret for not having taken the time to write it all down as it happened or shortly there after. If not just so I have it archived somewhere. But in reality, some of it I don’t know how to write about – i don’t have the words to fit the experience. Some of it I don’t care about. And some of it I simply don’t care to remember.

So instead I’m going to cop-out and make a list of some of the major and minor events of the past 10 weeks in no particular order and just leave it at that. I can only hope my life remains as eventful and that I take the time to write about it afterward.

I went to my first honky tonk.
I saw Built To Spill play again.
I’ve been to the hospital three times for three different individuals. Two of them in the emergency room. One fatal.
I met family members I have never met before and most likely will never meet again.
I spent a long weekend at my timeshare in Vail.
I went to a mini-family reunion and ski vacation in Breckenridge.
I suffered through a 150-hour work week.
I took a full week vacation.
A loved one died in my arms. It was probably one of the most weighty and profound experiences in my life to this point.
I did my time in the back of a cop car in Henryetta, Oklahoma.
I had the pleasure of staying in a giant mountain mansion with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two hot tubs, and ski in ski out access.
My car was hit by a kid who had his drivers license for a measly two days. He ended up totaling his car a week later.
I Was invited over by complete strangers for a mardi gras party/steak dinner.
Somehow fit in about eight days of skiing.
Saw a friend who I haven’t seen since his wedding.
The kitchen remodel was completed.
Mom came to town for a visit.
A few birthday parties were celebrated.
I got fall down drunk with a co-worker.
And lots of other various sundriness and ephemera.

Juxtaposing Parties

It’s been so long since I wrote on here that it’s hard to get started again. Last Friday we hosted a dinner party and had a bunch of friends over. G made her Penne a la Vodka specialty, accidentally using vanilla vodka, which in the end, turned out wonderful. It was touch and go there for a few minutes though.
Making a Fool of Myself at the Masquerade Party :: Denver, Colorado
Saturday was filled with parties. The two parties we attended were juxtapositions of each other. One was holiday attire, the other was masquerade. One showed a well produced engagement video on a large screen TV, the other had a V.J. who projected experimental video clips onto the wall. One was held in a community center, the other was held in an Uptown Victorian. One had light blues music playing throughout, the other had D.J.s, drum circles, and guitar jams. One had an incredible spread of homemade food that tasted like it was catered, the other had nothing but booze and beer. At one we sat on ottomans and socialized, at the other we danced and smoked cigarettes on the roof. At one I felt very grown up at the other I felt… very grown up.
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The Wedding Cake :: My brothers wedding :: Jefferson Island, LA

I spent most of last week in Louisiana celebrating the marriage of Pandy and my brother.

My brother is hitched. It’s hard to find words to describe how happy I am for the both of them. That’s part of the reason I slipped past doing my best man speech (which I now feel totally guilty about). I’d written it on the plane ride down there, I had the angle I was going to take outlined in my mind for months, I had it all written down and in my pocket ready to go. But when it came down to it, my nerves got the best of me and I failed to deliver. I handed the hand written speech to them after the wedding and told them to open it on the first night of their honeymoon. That made me feel a little better. Anyway, I wish everyone could have as much happiness and fun as they do together.

All of it was gorgeous. It was a great afternoon/evening/night of friends, family, and celebration. So much happened that it’s hard to remember it all. My brother and Pandy are two of the most important people in my life and I wish them the best of everything life has to offer.


The sunset on Lake Peigneur :: My brothers wedding :: Jefferson Island, LA
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What It’s all About

G’s Birthday Cake, Denver

Friday was all about holding babies and eating greasy hamburgers from the Candlelight.

Saturday was all about cleaning the house (pre party), seeing my old friend Crazy Dr. Pete on a surprise visit from Seattle, G’s 30th birthday party, and whooping it up.

Sunday was all about cleaning the house (post party), a quick trip to the mall, a meal with new friends (cabbage rolls but they had a funny name) and sleeping on the couch.

The last three sentences were all about this past weekend.

This Little Piggy Went To Steamboat

A Lake Just Outside Of Town, Steamboat, Colorado

It was another weekend spent in the mountains. This time we headed up to Steamboat for the 4th annual pig roast. We got up there on Friday night and after a large plate of Szechuan at the Canton. We headed over to Mahogany Ridge. I was looking forward to hearing a Grateful Dead/Metallica cover band but was disappointed by some salsa crap. I don’t mind a little salsa music, but when you are expecting the incredible blend of heavy & hippy, salsa simply doesn’t satisfy.

Saturday morning we grabbed a bite at Winonas. I highly suggest this place. Everything we had was great. I had the Lox Omelet (being Yom Kippur and all), which was delicious. Don’t forget to get one of the cinnamon rolls that are larger than your head and literally ooze with icing.

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

After breky, we went up hiking at Mad Creek. We had a quick, but beautiful, 3 mile, in-and-out hike. If you haven’t been reading the annex lately, I’m getting into this whole leaf changing thing and the higher elevations in Colorado are perfect for some peeping. After the hike it was down to Strawberry Park for a soak. Strawberry Park is also another really cool place were natural hot springs and some incredible masonry/stonework divides a naturally running river into separate cells with varying water temperatures.

The 4th Annual Steamboat Pig Roast, Steamboat

The 4th Annual Steamboat Pig Roast, Steamboat

The pig roast was a blast. Thanks to everyone in steamboat for their hospitality. There was a fun and generous group of people (the bus driver for Crosby, Stills & Nash excepted) up there who hooked us up with beds, beer, entertainment, a bon fire, dinner and laughs. Not to mention a pig.

Tending To The Toad

Wednesday night was a historical event to go down in the annals of history forever and for all time. Breaking a 21 game (or something like that, three full seasons) losing streak, Backwash has won there first regular season game in the history of the league. I couldn’t be more proud of my kickball team. Well actually I could, if the fuckers would actually volunteer to umpire every now and again I would be happier than any proud new parent on earth. Afterwards we headed out to The Toad (which was once called the Horny Toad back in the day. It seems the new millennium is much to p.c. for such innuendo) for a celebration which involved a few pitchers of beer, a pizza bigger than me, and some wonderful karaoke acts.

Last night we hit up Dazzle Supper Club for some free jazz and expensive yet incredibly weak drinks which I am now calling “Dazzle Camouflage” in reverence of the Work Of Terrible Beauty by Lynda Barry. Afterwards we headed over to the Candlelight Tavern for $2.00 hamburgers, which are delectable in every way that a hamburger can be. A large group of us stuck around and played shuffleboard late into the night.

Happy Belated Props, Pops

Damn, has it been another entire week since an update. I’m sorry. I’ve been doing a lot lately, some of it really exciting; other parts are just… well they’re nothing really. Routine you could call it I guess.

I celebrated my father’s birthday last Wednesday. We all went out to Mr. Sushi. Pandy, my brother and I got him a dvd so he can figure out to how work his global positioning system. We also got him a carrying case for protection of his expensive technology, in case the time came that he should ever figure out how to work it. He expressed his enjoyment in the harassment by flipping us all the bird and laughing heartily.