Sleep, Chore, BBQ, Drink

God it was nice having a three-day weekend. This time around it’s not the three-day weekend that I treasure so much as the four-day workweek that follows it. I kicked off my long weekend early and left work at 1:00. I went to meet Sabrina at Pasquini’s. We split an early supper consisting of portabella mushroom pizza, pitchers of sangria and good conversation. Afterwards I headed home for a nap and a recharge before meeting Leber and the crew out for drinks at the uptown. To finish off a long day, I went and had a night capper at the hippy bar.

I slept in on Saturday and spent much of the morning napping. In the afternoon I went CD shopping and picked up a birthday present for A.P. That evening I went to A.P.’s surprise birthday party. It was a great time. I had been to maybe only two surprise birthday parties before then (one of them being mine) and they’re tons of fun. The building anticipation and excitement in the minutes before the party’s recipient arrives is wonderful. And it’s all the tension is released in a giant smile once they figure out what is going on. Well, that’s what happened in A.P.’s case anyway.

I slept in on again on Sunday because, naturally, that is what I do on weekends. And although I spent an hour or so doing laundry, I spent most of the morning trying to burn a CD. Every time it got to about the 5th song my stupid computer would peter out and I wouldn’t be able to get the CD made. I wasted about 4 hours and just as many blank disks and still never got the fucker working. In the evening I headed over to Lebers for another cookout. Another wonderful evening huddled around the chiminia drinking mai tais and eating burgers and hot dogs.

I slept in again on Monday (are you beginning to see a trend) and spent what little was left of the morning cleaning my bathroom, a chore I hate more than any next to doing the dishes. In the evening I headed over to my mom’s house for a steak and potato weekend wind-down.

I guess I could have just said work, drink, pizza, drink, sleep, chore, bbq, drink, sleep, chore, bbq, drink, sleep chore, bqq, sleep.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I pulled into the parking lot with my brother and Pandy in tow. We all grabbed our bags, water bottles and cleats and piled out of the car. We headed across the footbridge through the cool night air toward the dusty diamond. The overhead lights shone brightly on the grassy outfield and chalky outlines. Tonight was our first game. We were to be the feature game on opening night. Kicking off a league of 160+ players and showing em’ how it’s done.

It was opening night for Denver’s premiere kickball league and I was a team captain who, of course, was running a bit late.

My team was waiting patiently outside of the dugout for their uniforms (t-shirts) and my game plan. Thankfully somebody brought a pitcher full of Mai-tais and a case of beer and many on the team had since forgotten my tardiness. Minutes later I was in the dug out getting swarmed by friends asking what position they should play. Having been ill prepared, my instructions consisted of something to the order of “You, you, you, play somewhere in the outfield. You, you, and you pick a base. Freedom will pitch. If you don’t like your position, switch with someone.” I sat the first couple of innings out to make sure things were running relatively smoothly, posted the batting order, changed into my cleats and slugged a beer.

We played a heck of a game, and held a solid lead until the bottom of the seventh inning (the last inning in kickball) during which time our opponents switched their batting order – putting several heavy kickers up to plate in a row. This strategy worked, as two of the kickers were able to round their bases ending the game in a tie. As our opponents moped off the field we ran around giving each other high-fives, cheering, jumping and yelling. The stands also erupted in celebration with us, realizing our accomplishment. See, we lost every single game last season. And this year we started of by not losing. No matter how you look at it, we had already improved. A cause for celebration indeed.

I’m looking forward to another beautiful spring competing in America’s favorite playground pastime.
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It Goes On

Last night me and my brother went over to my pops to celebrate a belated fathers day and an early birthday. On the way over we got in a heated yet civil argument over what a racist is. I got my dad a fishing pole case that he was really happy with. Me and my brother also fixed him steaks and potatoes (actually my brother did most of the cooking).

A few years ago, when I ordered checks (or cheques for all you brits), I had the bank print this Robert Frost quote on the bottom of each one:
“In three words, I can sum up everything I know about life: It goes on.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

I went down to Colorado Springs this weekend to visit my Grandma. She turns 91 tomorrow. We brought her a lucky bamboo plant in celebration. She normally doesn’t like us to bring any gifts for her. She believes it’s a waste of money. She doesn’t want anymore material possessions. In her eyes it’s just another thing that needs to be taken care of. As a result, she doesn’t really even appreciate them. This makes my mother angry. My mom thinks it’s more important to receive gifts as a validation of people’s appreciation of you. We brought over food from Boston Chicken. She didn’t consider this a material gift and ate it right up. I like gifts but rarely expect them. I almost always accept them.

I was born 30 years ago. My mother gave birth to me at age 25. I know this because on my 25th birthday my mom told me, “you are now half my age.” This disturbed me. It also means my grandma had my mother when she was 35. I did this math in my head on Saturday night. Thirty-five is much older than I expected. I would guess this was particularly old to be having a child during the 1940’s.

My grandma still lives by herself, in a two-story house. She takes care of all the bills. She cooks her own meals. She has a hamburger and vanilla ice-cream every Sunday. She fills her own gas. She does her own laundry. She drives herself to the doctor. The idea of her driving around makes me nervous. I think she’s too old to drive. She has a “neighbor boy” mow the lawn. She thinks he charges too much money.

My grandma was really quite during our visit. I don’t think she has a lot to say. And she is generally a very quite woman. Maybe she has trouble relating to us. She is not very social and she rarely has guests. I suspect her life is very quiet normally. Our visit was probably a little chaotic for her. It was really nice to see her again. I should call her more often, in fact, I will.

Mates Of State

Saturday night, after nursing my hangover all afternoon, I went to my old roommate’s engagement party. It was pretty fun, but nothing too exciting. The usual crowd was there. I got to see the Rod family’s new house, it was really cute and I’m sure I’ll be spending plenty of time in their backyard this summer. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple, you’re very good together. I wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness together, you both deserve it. After a couple of hours of catching up with friends and giving my congrats, I went to go see Rainer Maria and Mates Of State at the Bluebird Theatre. I really like Rainer Maria and I own all their albums, but I went to the show to see Mates Of State. The show was great. I just love Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel’s songs, lyrics and harmonies (I own all their albums too, and a couple of 7″). It is best to see them live. It is just the two of them on stage. Knowing they are married and loving every minute of it. They constantly look at each other, sing to each other, and croon each other throughout the entire show. It is no secret that many of their songs are written about their relationship and it really comes across on stage. At one point I saw Kori mouth the words “I Love You” across the stage to Jason. Seeing them play was truly an inspiration and it absolutely made my day. Plus I have a true celebrity crush on Kori now.

You can watch a video filmed at Emos in Austin Texas here.