This Ain’t No Cowtown Volume 1

“This Ain’t No Cowtown” (A Colorado Comp) is a celebration of Colorado artists in compilation form. Consisting twenty-two Colorado based bands, “This Ain’t No Cowtown” is being offered on a pay-what-you-want basis with all proceeds going directly back to the artists. Thanks to ZetaKaye House for putting this comp together.

Bands included on the comp:

Foursquare Specials In Colorado

If you don’t know what Foursquare is, go read this post, sign-up at Foursquare and start checking into places.

Recently, certain venues on Foursquare started offering free stuff (drinks, appetizers, etc.) to their mayors. For example, just last week Parallel 17 started offering a free drink to it’s mayor. So, if you are Kat O. (whose twitter stream seems to consist almost entirely of foursquare entries), the current mayor of Parrallel 17, go help yourself to a free glass of wine.

There are a bunch other places in Colorado that currently offer “incentives” to foursquare participants. For instance CeFiore offers one free organic tea to the mayor, Tee & Cakes offers a free cupcake for the mayor and Modmarket gives away a free flatbread pizza for every 10th checkin on Foursquare. And Foursquare is signing up partnerships with other venues all the time.

To help take advantage of the freebies, I wrote a script that keeps track of all the new partnerships that Foursquare signs up in the Colorado area. Below you will find a list of the most recent places you can get specials from Foursquare. This list is automatically updated as soon as foursquare announces them, so check back often. Or you can subscribe to my feed (using the button below) to recieve immediate notification of all the specials in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins as they are announced.

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    2009 SXSW Free Music Torrents & Radio

    Here are two torrents containing all the MP3 files publicly posted on the SXSW website that will be showcasing this year. More may music may show up, these may be packaged up into an third torrent at some point in the future.

    SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists Part 1, 519 files, 2.44GB
    SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists Part 2, 534 files, 2.60GB

    If you don’t want to have all these songs on your hard drive but want to have a listen, use this SXSW radio.

    Local Fun

    There are a few great things happening in Denver in the next week I thought you all might be interested in. All of them free (or recommended donation).

    Track Shack Race
    Denver’s first track specific bike shop, Track Shack, is going to open on the 27th. In order to celebrate their grand opening they’re putting on a race. Cyclists start at Start at 15th and Tremont, race to Lawrence, then to 17th, and back down to Tremont. The last five racers in each lap are eliminated until only one is left standing. The race starts at 6:30pm. Should be a good time. The kids over at Cycle Jerks have all kinds of photos and interviews about the new shop.

    Denver Community Museum
    Organized and curated by fellow blogger, Jaime Kopke, the Denver Community Museum is a temporary museum located all around Denver, Colorado. Carried out in the form of a pop-up gallery, the museum will exist for less than one year (and less than one month in any single location) – an institution with an expiration date. Contents for the Museum’s monthly, rotating exhibitions are based entirely on community submissions (that means you). The Denver Community Museum is a not-for-profit project and is free and open to the public.

    The contents of the Denver Community Museum are generated entirely by submissions from the local community (again, that means you). Exhibitions will change on a monthly basis. One month before an exhibition begins, an open call for participation is announced in the form of a Community Challenge, describing a particular creative project.

    Artifacts for the Denver Community Museum’s first exhibit, “The Missing Map” will be accepted this Friday and Saturday, 9/26 & 9/27 at the DCM from 12- 5 PM. Bring in your globes for the show, which will open Friday, October 3rd.

    Denver Pecha Kucha
    I’ve mentioned this event several times before and highly recommend it. The princesses of .ppt, Jaime and Angela, have once again put together Denver’s third Pecha Kucha night scheduled for Monday, Sept. 29th, at 8:20 at Buntport, but be sure to get there early as seats go quickly. I’ll be there, you should too.