Serious Fun

Give me more fun stuff. I want more fun stuff to take up my time. I don’t want all my time spent working. Watching American Idle, sleeping, polishing my shoes, mopping, and cooking frozen pizzas. I want fun. I’m having fun. But I want more of it. I want so much fun I can’t get my work done. I have no idea what all these American Idle entries that everyone’s posting are all about.1 I’m constantly tired. Scuffed shoes, sticky floors and hungry.

I have a few things I want to do. It’s often just so hard to get started. And if they’re not fun, then they’re really hard to get started. Shit. Prioritizing is for sucks. Seriously. Prioritizing is for sucks and multi-tasking is for girls.2

But that’s OK.3 Whatev.

And mostly I wish I could think of something both cool and fun. And something that nobody has ever done before. And it would be really cool if nobody has even thought of doing it. I wonder if there is something, that I could do, that no person in the history of all time has ever thought of doing. Wait. Don’t tell me. That would ruin it. Doing that would make me cool. And it would be Fun. Capital ‘F’ fun. Fucking fun kind of fun.

That’s what I want.4
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Winter Weekends

Friday I worked a little late into the evening and spent a quiet evening at home. I watched How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days. It was cute, laughable, fodder to wind down my week. I can appreciate an occasional fun chick flick despite how generally contrived and predictable it was.

I was up (relatively) early on Saturday and headed up into the mountains for a day of skiing. I met up with A.P. and his wife and the two kids. We all ate an early lunch together and then went out to the carpet lift to play with the kids and teach them how to ski. The boy popped out before he even got his skis on but the girls were gung ho and couldn’t get enough. It was great getting a four-year old and a six-year old interested in the sport. Both me and A.P. agreed the whole secret to getting the youngsters started is just making sure they stay warm and are having fun. Most of the skills and athletics come later. At first you just have make sure they want to come back. Afterward me and A.P. went to take some turns on our own. We got about four additional hours skiing the ‘S’ lift at Copper Mountain. Traditionally, one of our favorite areas. It snowed most of the afternoon and this made for some good skiing but it also made traffic a bear. It took me two hours to get up to the mountain in the morning and three hours to get back. It was a long day.

I spent most of Sunday running errands, grocery shopping, watching TV, and reading. I was a pleasant weekend for a change.

Candlelight And Strangers

On Saturday night, at around 11:00 PM, I got bored. I bundled up in coat, hat, and gloves and trudged through the 6″ of snow to my local haunt. The place was fairly mellow for a Saturday night. The bad weather kept the crowds at home. The kitchen closed early and there was room to sit at the bar. About my second beer into the evening the power went down. Slowly. Starting at one end of the bar and fizz, fizz, fizzing, one section of lights at a time, across to the other side of the bar, past the jute box, the booths and the pool room till everything was off. Apparently somebody in the alley behind the building slid on the icy street and took out a utility pole.

Luckily, since it’s my haunt, I have a tab there without having to provide a credit card. And luckily the power outage shut the computers down. Woot! Free beer. Well, close, I still tipped the guys and paid them close to the right amount. Mostly because I’m not an asshole to people who don’t treat me like one. It was cool though because as soon as the TVs went out, and the jute box went silent, and the moody light went dark, all of those that were there for “the scene” quickly left. And those of us who didn’t want to stare at the TV, dance, play pool, or eat, all sat at the bar and actually talked to each other. Novel idea. With only candlelight and strangers, an unusually fun evening was had.

And Some Regular Stuff

After work on Friday I rushed out to India’s Restaurant to meet Ray and her boyfriend for Ray’s birthday. I failed to bring any sort of gift for Ray. But fortunately there are people in my life who treat me better than I treat my friends and offered to make a gift for her that we’ll both appreciate. Thanks you. The restaurant was pretty cool on the inside and it smelled great but I restricted my self to Simlas knowing I’d be eating later. Ray brought Dartanian who is getting huge and will end up being a big boy. He’s now just over one year old. After a couple drinks with Ray and company, I left for a B-day party.

I then went to Squigley’s for his birthday. Before I got there, I didn’t want to get off the phone so I parked my car by his house, reclined my seat and chatted away. I ended up spending about an hour like that much to the utter confusion of my friends who had seen me. It cracked me up. Squiggley had a great spread and lots of beer. I ate five deviled eggs, and some regular stuff like sandwiches, pinwheels, cheese dip, and spinach dip. We played white-trash horseshoes under the light of tiki torches and watched one of this summers most magnificent lightning displays role in over us. The margaritas were great and so were the giant dominos. When a full game was laid out it took nearly the entire basement floor. I ended the night giving a friend chinese torture. He called this afternoon to verify it actually happened – no wonder it was so easy to pin him down.
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The Good Stuff

Because I refuse to leave the last negative entry sitting here for three days – a few positive things going on.

  • Hubsville has a few fun construction projects in the works if the municipal bonds go through.
  • Long weekend – need I say more!
  • Fireworks, friends, BBQ’s, and Bike Rides in addition to general good times are planned over the next 72 hours.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of eating sushi and drinking Kirin Ichibans for dinner the last two nights in a row. Now if I can only fend off the mercury poisoning.
  • And a couple of great tunes to get everyone in the spirit of things.
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  • Mellow, Pleasant Weekend

    I had a nice weekend. Nothing too exciting lots of movies and more skiing, it was nice. I left work early and met Leber and his Fiance at the hogback. From there we carpooled up to his condo in Granby. We got a few beers and some french onion soup at Solvista.

    On Saturday we went skiing at Winterpark. The snow was incredible. Definitely the best I’ve skied all year. We skied a long day then retired back to Leber’s condo. Some additional friends met us there and fixed us a huge meal of spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, salad, asparagus, garlic bread, beer, and wine. And we watched Saving Private Ryan. Three of the five people in the room cried.

    On Sunday we drove back into town and I went over to my mom’s for lunch. I watched The Virgin Suicides and caught up on the latest war news. It was a mellow, pleasant weekend.