Gimme Friction Baby

Gimme Friction Baby is a great game with some serious addiction potential. A review describes it this way:

There is a certain paradigm shift that must occur when playing this game for the first time before the light goes on and the player ‘gets it’. I believe this is due to a sort of cognitive bias we have as gamers: when firing a turret we expect things to explode… and to go fast.

Simplicity and complexity. This game finds it’s fun in being the opposite of what you’d expect from a traditional turret game. There is a version made for the iphone and a spinning version called Gimme Rotation if you’re looking for something with a little more challenge and a little faster paced.

My high score after about 20 minutes: 12.
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Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown

I love pinball. It’s physical. Getting to push around the machine. Slam my hips into it just hard enough to avoid the tilt – but still manipulate the game. It’s frustrating in the good kind of way, like a puzzle. It takes concentration and a little muscle.

As a child I grew up playing pinball at Celebrity Sports Center and actual arcades. I rediscovered it my junior year in college. I played a lot of pinball in college. I even won a few contests held at the student center.

A few weekends ago I went to the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown and had a blast. I played for about five straight hours. Fifteen dollars, all you can play. At some point in the evening they turned out all the lights and the warehouse, filled with 91 pinball machines, transformed into a dizzying blur of flashing lights and loud zoinks, bonks, sirens, and bells. It was like some sort of surreal, geeky Las Vegas. My wrists were killing me by the time the night was through. My evening consisted mostly of this:

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You know I really haven’t gotten into this whole World Poker Championships and Celebrity Poker crap that has been sweeping the nation lately. Watching people play cards is like watching bowling or golf. It’s just plain boring. I don’t care if it’s Dolly Parton with a queen of hearts hidden in her massive cleavage or Cheech Marin using his “funny” acting skills to bluff his opponent, the celebrities don’t make it any more interesting. I think it would be funny to walk in on somebody playing solitaire on their coffee table while watching one of those celebrity poker tournaments. That would be the personification of pathetic. You’d get to make fun of somebody for a long time if you caught them in that sort of compromising position. Of course, I’ve done much, much more pathetic things than that, I’m just lucky that nobody walked in on me while I was doing them. But that is neither here nor there. Back to my topic. Poker on TV is a fruitless waste when you can actually play poker.

And playing poker, as you may have guessed at this point, is what I did last night. I met the boys over at Uncle Squigley’s. A five dollar buy-in got me pizza, beer, and an evening’s entertainment. We played Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Chase The Bitch, Guts, Whores & Fours, 357, Stacks, Lowball, Juevos, Between The Sheets, and a few other games. I came out thirty bucks ahead, which is actually a pretty amazing feat for me. I’m an admittedly terrible poker player. Or at least that’s what I tell the people I’m playing. You see, like many things in life, it’s all about the bluff.