Seven Facts

I’m definitely not too cool for a meme. If anything memes are too cool for me. But Bree over at Sweet & Bitter went ahead and tagged me for this one, apparently because my steeze smells good or something.

The whole idea is to tell you seven (hopefully interesting) things about me. Here are the rules:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Depending on who is reading this, you already know everything about me or you know nothing about me, so this might be tricky. I’ll do my best. I did something very similar to this two years ago. Go check it out if you want to get caught up. Now, without further ado…

  1. I’d rather be too hot than too cold.
  2. In elementary school I played trombone. Unfortunately my arms were too short to fully extend the trombone outward to reach the lowest bass note. As a result, the slide would continually fly off the horn and hit the first chair trumpet in the back. She was never pleased. This didn’t last long though – only about a year.
  3. I was once a carny. I worked the “Throw A Dart, Pop A Balloon” booth.
  4. My karaoke repertoire includes: “Back in Black” by AC/DC (which by the way, if I had my druthers, would play anytime I walked into a room full of people), “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler (always with a female friend), “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee (I’ve actually pulled this duet off solo before, it wasn’t pretty), and pretty much anything by Wings.
  5. I don’t necessarily hate Art Garfunkle, but I definitely don’t like him.
  6. For the most part, I have lived in Colorado all of my life.
  7. I have a chip in one of my front teeth acquired while showing off, of course. As a kid I lifted my bike above my head. That would be the showing off part. I then released the bike from that height, letting it free fall. After landing on it’s wheels it bounced straight back upwards. It the punched me in the face.

I’m going to go ahead and skip parts three and four of this meme because you are clearly too cool for this.

Back In Black

Despite my earlier experiences I participated in a karaoke night again. This time is wasn’t nearly as much of a disaster as last time. Not to say it wasn’t a disaster though. I rocked out AC/DC’s (I wish my keyboard had a lighting bolt symbol on it) “Back In Black”. It’s a great song for karaoke because you can basically scream the whole thing. I had always thought that I had wanted this song as my theme tune. A theme tune, in my ideal world, is the song that plays behind me anytime I enter a room full of friends, family, or strangers. It doesn’t play when I enter toilets, funerals, or hospitals.

I haven’t decided if it’s necessary for one to be able to at least sing along to the entire song before it is allowed to become your theme tune. Or maybe just knowing the words should be enough. If either of those requirements are put into place, I have some work to do before I can claim “Back In Black” as my theme song.

I think I brought the house down though, despite my screwing up what I thought was the “daddy loose mama goose” line. My apologies go out to the old man in the front row who was so horrified by my performance, and his experience, that he refused to look me in the eye during the entire song.

On a not-so-completely different subject, I have a new book review up.


It’s been an eventful week. I’ve been up to a lot but don’t really feel like writing about any of it so I’ll just type out some quick highlights. Thursday evening was spent having cocktails in the old neighborhood – it was great for that reminiscing part of my brain. Later we headed over to the Oriental Theater (nice blog, great venue) for this “420” thing that was a bit of a dud, but a decent cause.

Friday was rough but after work I rallied and met friends over at the Funky Buddha for a bit and then went home to watch movies.

Slept in Saturday and did tons of yard work (hmmm I guess that’s not a highlight). I then went off to a birthday party at Ogden Street South. It was a complete blast. Highlights include karaoke and the soon to be infamous “Nobody calls her that you fucking bitch!” episode. I’m beginning to determine that me and karaoke don’t mix well.

Sunday consisted of a 24 hour long headache (not hangover induced), another birthday celebration at the West End Tavern, and some serious couch time.


Good god yall’ll. Wassa Shoobidy Doobidy. Woooo. Hoohaa. Jussa lil ole quick update ta letcha knows what’ve been upta.

  • I went to the office holiday party and Zengos. Oh my god that food is good. We needed a good tapas place in Denver.
  • Hung out with Leber at the old (red) haunt.
  • Sang Wings’ “Maybe I’m Amazed” on the Karaoke night at Shamrock. Two people actually left the bar because of my singing and one guy yelled out “Stay away from him!!!”. I shit you not. It made G cry, in a good way. I think it was in a good way.
  • Went to a holiday party at Side Effects (champagne and caviar can make me uncomfortable for several resons).
  • Moved my grandma out of the Alzheimer’s unit and into regular assisted living (great news!!)
  • Ate at Deluxe. It was absolutely scrum-dilly-icious but a bit pricey.
  • Spent an evening boozing it up at the Bannock Street Garage.
  • Worked my ass off till at least 7:00 every single fucking weeknight.
  • Zoinks