So After Tonight

Hubs Hiding His Face In Shame After Manbunting, Sheridan Middle School, Denver

Feh. Got our asses kicked in kickball on Wednesday. Afterward a few of us sauntered over to Sobo 151 to watch the Red Sox/Yankees series wrap up. I was too enthralled with the menu to care about who won the game. Sobo is a Czech themed hockey/soccer bar. To bad the is no real hockey this season (Yet. Come on, keep the dream alive). Anyway, it’s a cool bar if you not hip enough for the Skylark.

I have been on the verge of getting sick all week but have been able to stave it off. This might not be so after tonight. I am, however doing much better than last year.

Last night I took it easy had a large bowl of homemade chili and sat on the couch and watched Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. It was a pretty good flick when you take it tongue in cheek. For some reason I think the CIA is a metaphor for some person or entity in corporate hollywood but I’m probably reading a lot into that.

Goodbye all my beautiful apple pies à la mode.

Tending To The Toad

Wednesday night was a historical event to go down in the annals of history forever and for all time. Breaking a 21 game (or something like that, three full seasons) losing streak, Backwash has won there first regular season game in the history of the league. I couldn’t be more proud of my kickball team. Well actually I could, if the fuckers would actually volunteer to umpire every now and again I would be happier than any proud new parent on earth. Afterwards we headed out to The Toad (which was once called the Horny Toad back in the day. It seems the new millennium is much to p.c. for such innuendo) for a celebration which involved a few pitchers of beer, a pizza bigger than me, and some wonderful karaoke acts.

Last night we hit up Dazzle Supper Club for some free jazz and expensive yet incredibly weak drinks which I am now calling “Dazzle Camouflage” in reverence of the Work Of Terrible Beauty by Lynda Barry. Afterwards we headed over to the Candlelight Tavern for $2.00 hamburgers, which are delectable in every way that a hamburger can be. A large group of us stuck around and played shuffleboard late into the night.

Cubby Holes and Kickball

Kickball at DeKoevend Park, Littleton

Well we lost a kick ball again on Friday. We may just be the most losingest team in the history of all kickball. And now it seems the fun is starting to run out. Well, I’m still having a good time at it but more and more people are missing games and nobody on my team goes to the bar to “celebrate” afterward. Granted, the weather the past couple of weeks has effected my participation as well. At least everybody has a good time when they are on the field. Maybe next season I’ll try to recruit a little younger. The old marrieds can’t seem to hack it anymore.

After the game Pandy and me went out bar hopping (my brother was out of town at a bachelor party) We first stopped by the Irish Snug (I think it was snug, correct me if I’m wrong). Inside the bar are the snugs. They’re little booths, or stalls, with little tables in them. After walking in the snug and shutting the door behind you, you knock on this little (1 foot x 1 foot) door that opens up to the bar. Drinks are served to you through the little cubby hole. The snugs started in Ireland as a way for priests and politicians to drink anonymously. After that we headed out to Dulcineas 100th monkey, after trying the hippie bar which was one-in-one-out. We had a good time listening to live reggae music and chatting. Each of us got free drinks and a few free dinners all from different drunk strangers who ran into us.

Stop. Now Go!

I can’t believe it snowed again on Friday. I seriously think it has to be the last time it’s going to snow this year. God I hope so. I skipped kickball because of the snow. In fact a lot of people on my team skipped it and that forced us to forfeit the game for a loss. So we lose again. I’m actually starting to get used to it.

At around 10:30 on Wednesday I started to get restless and went around the corner and grabbed a beer. It was nice to go out cause I haven’t been out for about three weeks but it was actually pretty boring.

On Saturday I headed up to Boulder to a friend’s house who was throwing a party for my brother’s birthday. The party was a total time. My friend’s house is in a rural section of north boulder so we could be as rowdy and loud as we wanted. Lots of people brought instruments along and most of the night we had an impromptu band playing in the out building. Everyone kept switching instruments and playing whatever they felt like, even if they didn’t know how to play it, now was the time to learn! There were congas and bongos and other hand drums. There were those things that sound like coconuts. There was full drum kit (with hi-hat, cymbals, all kinds of tom drums and double kick bass). There were at least four guitars, some electric and some acoustic and one base. There were also a xylophone and a trombone. We all stayed up jamming and dancing and sometimes plugging our ears into the wee hours of the night.

On Sunday we slept in and then grabbed breakfast on the pearl street mall. The weather was beautiful and the company was as obnoxious and hilarious as usual. We did a fair amount of shopping too. My brother and me bought these really nice two string kites so we can ‘bond through kiting. I can’t wait for it to get windy. At least then you won’t have to listen to me bitch about the snow anymore.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I pulled into the parking lot with my brother and Pandy in tow. We all grabbed our bags, water bottles and cleats and piled out of the car. We headed across the footbridge through the cool night air toward the dusty diamond. The overhead lights shone brightly on the grassy outfield and chalky outlines. Tonight was our first game. We were to be the feature game on opening night. Kicking off a league of 160+ players and showing em’ how it’s done.

It was opening night for Denver’s premiere kickball league and I was a team captain who, of course, was running a bit late.

My team was waiting patiently outside of the dugout for their uniforms (t-shirts) and my game plan. Thankfully somebody brought a pitcher full of Mai-tais and a case of beer and many on the team had since forgotten my tardiness. Minutes later I was in the dug out getting swarmed by friends asking what position they should play. Having been ill prepared, my instructions consisted of something to the order of “You, you, you, play somewhere in the outfield. You, you, and you pick a base. Freedom will pitch. If you don’t like your position, switch with someone.” I sat the first couple of innings out to make sure things were running relatively smoothly, posted the batting order, changed into my cleats and slugged a beer.

We played a heck of a game, and held a solid lead until the bottom of the seventh inning (the last inning in kickball) during which time our opponents switched their batting order – putting several heavy kickers up to plate in a row. This strategy worked, as two of the kickers were able to round their bases ending the game in a tie. As our opponents moped off the field we ran around giving each other high-fives, cheering, jumping and yelling. The stands also erupted in celebration with us, realizing our accomplishment. See, we lost every single game last season. And this year we started of by not losing. No matter how you look at it, we had already improved. A cause for celebration indeed.

I’m looking forward to another beautiful spring competing in America’s favorite playground pastime.
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Shit On A Shingle

I’m posting late tonight cause I’m still at the office burning CD’s. The time change has kind of messed with me and it feels later than it is.

I had my last kickball game on Friday. Our team came in 4th place of four teams in the league. The only team to not win a single game. Although our team may have had the worst record we definitely had the most fun. After the game we headed over to Rome’s for the season finale party. At the party I received the booby award for the most dropped fly balls. The award was a bag of Butterfinger bars. Many on my team said “I didn’t deserve the award” but the league director said “it was a unanimous decision”. I wasn’t sure whether to take any of that as a compliment or not. The league was tons of fun and I’m looking forward to playing next spring. Hopefully it won’t be on Fridays.

On Saturday I cleaned house for a while and then did some grocery shopping. Afterwards I went to and got a new stereo for my car. The stereo is sweet, detachable face, plays .mp3’s, etc. Problem is, those fuckos at Best Buy said it would be installed by 7:30. It ended up taking till 10:00 and the still haven’t got it totally installed correctly and I have to take it in later during the week. I did get a free pair of speakers and free installation out of the deal though.

On Sunday I went over to my brothers for breakfast. He fixed us all shit-on-a-shingle. It was delish. Then I went to the new super target. That place is so excessive yet so cheap. I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment.

Tomorrow I have a visitor coming into town. Chances are I won’t type anything here for the rest of the week. Have a happy Halloween everyone!

The Past Few Days

Earlier this week I had my ultimate game. We beat one of the two undefeated teams in the league. This should put us in 3rd or 4th place of about 25 teams.

I’m trying to put a kickball team together for this fall but I’ve only been able to get three people to commit.

The other night I walked around my neighborhood smoking cigarettes, talking on the phone, and laughing lots. It was a lot better than it sounds.

Yesterday we had a fire in our office building. Apparently there was a welding accident. After the alarm went off we started filing down the stairs. I’m on the thirty-fourth floor. By the time we got to the twenty-fifth floor we could smell the smoke which was a little unnerving. It took a while to get down all thirty-five flights. By the time we got to the bottom the fireman had put out the small fire and were loading up to go. If there is one thing I know about firemen it’s this: they’re pussy magnets. This girl in my office was watching them load up and she was literally starring at them with unblinking eyes and jaw dropped. I walked up to her and said “you better close your mouth and put on a smile for those cute firemen.” She quickly snapped out of whatever fantasy she was having. Giggled. Smiled. Blushed. Then ran off.