39 things

A while back sladkaya asked me to put together a list of 39 of my favourite things. The reasons I took on this challenge are four-fold. First, I don’t get tagged for these things very often. Second, I though it would be a good exercise in positivity. Third, I wondered what I would come up with. Fourth, it will help me along in my goal of putting together a list of 101 that make me happy. At first I thought the list would take me a while but once I was started rolling I came up with 39 things easily. The great thing about this list is how malleable it is. I know it going to change, it has no priority, and is totally incomplete and will never be comprehensive. Enjoy.

my family
my friends
dining out
swimming pools
the moon
the ocean
myself, occasionally
space (as in outer)
chirping of crickets
young love
lightning storms

100 Things

Typical of nearly everything on this blog, and in my life, I’ve decided to once again just simply follow the crowd and do the cool thing. Also typically, I’m doing it about 2 years after the fad has been killed. You call it retro, I call it old. So ladies and gentlemen, it is without the appropriate fanfare, without further ado, and without an ounce of dignity that I present to you my 100 things list:
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These Truths I Hold Self Evident

I like my coffee the way I like women: blonde and creamy
I like my coffee the way I like women: hot and wet
I like my coffee the way I like women: steamy and in large cups
I like my coffee the way I like women: fullbodied
I like my coffee the way I like women: first thing in the morning
I like my coffee the way I like women: strong and keeping me up all night
I like my coffee the way I like women: dribbling down my chin
I like my coffee the way I like women: drunk, horny, writhing on my living room floor, and dressed up in a catholic schoolgirl’s uniform with her skirt hiked up around her waist exposing her one-size-too-small, slightly wet panties, and letting out barely audible, breathy little moans.

2004 BDA Golf Tournament Rules

Rules to the golf tournament I played in this weekend:

1. Format is 4 man scramble – everyone tees off, picks the best ball, everyone hits from that same spot, continue this until the little white ball is in the little hole on the green. (That’s the flat place with the flag Caesar!) Team Records one score for each hole.

2. Teams will be picked from a blind draw before the round. Yes I’ll preside, and yes a couple pairs will be predetermined because some guys don’t know or trust the rest of you drunks like I do (besides, they helped us out big time by coming in late, the least we can do is let them play with a buddy. If it looks like we were taken and they intentionally brought in a ringer we’ll blanket party them in the parking lot. Or Julio can take on all 4 of them!)

3. Potter will be running the closest to the pin and the longest drive contests as usual. See Phil about getting into them and the specifics. (He’s not so trustworthy so count your cash at the end – he’s been known to tip the cart girls a little heavy after a few.) Hole 8 will be closest to the pin, and hole 16 will be the longest drive (BTW if you wanna compete here I recommend breaking Timmys arm before he gets there).

4. Each player is allowed 1 mulligan for the round; use it wisely. Ah screw it, use it on the closest to the pin or the longest drive like I know you will. “There ain’t no we in team either!”

5. Drink lots of beer and support your local cart girl – the economy needs the boost.

6. Try not to break anything, and if you do – RUN!

7. No carp killing.

8. Trash talking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

9. Get the side wagers rolling, it keeps things interesting when you’re 15 down – shot and/or beers whatever happens first.

10. If you don’t hit it past the ladies tee – you know what to do, and I accept no responsibility for indecent exposure tickets – you hit the damn thing.

11. No cheating, foot wedges, throwing the ball, point shaving, etc. Beer drinking is first and foremost, the golf and tourney are just an excuse to do it. Mostly, Have Fun – Golf is FUN God Damnit!!

12. And for those teams that are lucky enough to qualify for the prizes – 1st Place is $40/player, 2nd is $20/player and 3rd is $10/player.

Pitching Passion

Eight things I didn’t know before watching The Passion Of The Christ last night:

1. Jesus had a brother. I can’t believe I didn’t know this.
2. The devil is a woman.
3. Somebody helped Jesus carry the cross.
4. Jesus stopped more than three times while carrying the cross to Mt. Golgotha.
5. It was Jesus of Nazareth who first said, “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”
6. Judas hung himself after his betrayal.
7. Jesus invented the chair.
8. Kit Kats bites are delicious.
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Eleven Is The Easiest Number That There Ever Was

Eleven really easy things that will make my life exponentially better:

Setting stops on all my trades
Doing more work when at work
Fixing more meals
Using my work computer for more work stuff
Calling my friends more often
Studying and researching more

Letting my dishes sit in the sink for more that a night
Staying at work past 6:00
Eating out so often
Staying out so late
Thinking more than doing


Weekend Highlights:
Getting paid to golf
Free beer from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM Friday
Spending all Saturday outside
Winning The first game in the Ultimate tournament
Losing The Second Game
The worlds greatest mix CD
Free beer from 12:00 to 6:00 Saturday
Long distance pillow talk
All you can eat burritos
Power napping
Bourbon and cokes
Cigarettes in the rain
Serious lounging
Friends cooking me pasta dinner
Late night jokes around the chiminia

Weekend Lowlights:
Sprained ankle
Competitive golfing (is there such thing?)
Competitive ultimate (is there such thing?)
Too much sun