Wonderful Tonight

This past weekend my friend Rach was in town visiting. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding last year in Florida. It was great to catch up with her despite her keeping me and G up late on the school nights. Not only was it nice to have her around, but she also introduced us to some cool new people and took us out to a few new restaurants.

We always make fun of Rach because she had Wonderful Tonight play for her first dance at her wedding. She asked the band that she hired (over the internet) to play a specific song she had in mind, but they “didn’t have time to learn that one” so they busted out with the Clapton-style-ultra-cheese. Me and G immediately started laughing behind hand clapsed mouths and pointing our fingers at her and her new husband like we were mean 7th grade cheerleaders. Both of them were grinding their teeth through their entire first dance. I thinks its awesome that Wonderful Tonight will forever have to be “Their Song”.

According to DJ Prism Light (is this for real?), here are the top 200 wedding/mitzvah/class reunion songs. Rounding out the top 10 is (Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight places at 11th):
1. Abba Dancing Queen

2. Ac/Dc You Shook Me All Night Long

3. B-52’s Love Shack

4. Outkast Hey Ya!

5. Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl

6. Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama

7. Black Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started (Nobody is daring enough to cover this?)

8. Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me

9. Sister Sledge We Are Family (I Couldn’t find The Corrs cover of this on the interweb)

10. Kool & The Gang Celebration (I couldn’t find Kylie Minogue’s cover of this)

As a side note, Wonderful Tonight will always remind me of dancing in a dark freshman dorm room with a hot coed whom I had a crush on. She whispered every word of the song in my ear. Surprisingly, for me, this is a fond memory and not a creepy one.

A Recently Found Letter Written Long Ago

To whom it may concern,

      In addition to this letter and the claim report, I have included some other useful information. The circumstances of my injury are as follows: While in Australia, on the date of July 17, 1996, I fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my wrist. On July 18, I went to the Cairns Base Hospital and had my injury taken care of and returned on July 25 to get a cast. I was not charged by the hospital for any of these services other than the $8.00 to make copies of the x-rays to bring back to my doctor in the U.S. I arrived back in the United States on August 4. On August 19 I went to Dr. Philip A. Stull to get my cast removed and was charged for his services.

      Charges incurred during the injury include $8.00 for the x-ray copies (copy of receipt enclosed), $2.95 for a cast cover in order to shower (copy of receipt enclosed), $25.00 for a non-refundable deposit on a scuba diving trip with Reef Encounters that had to be canceled due to the injury (copy of receipt enclosed), and $125.00 for the cast removal and x-rays (copy of receipt enclosed). The photocopies that I included can be explained as follows:
      page 1 – passport, drivers license, and ISIC card
      page 2 – Australian visa
      page 3 – boarding pass for leaving the U.S.
      page 4 – boarding pass for arriving back in the U.S., receipt for x-ray copies, and
      receipts for the shower bag.
      page 5 – receipt for deposit on diving trip
      page 6 – receipt for x-rays and cast removal
      page 7 – photocopy of x-ray taken at Cairns Base Hospital

If there is any other information that you require in order to process my claim please let me know.



Homegrown fresh-from-the-garden peas

My mom has always had a garden. And from that garden, for every summer in my memory has come a bountiful harvest, or at least enough vegetables for a bunch of plentiful salads throughout the summer months. Lettuce (usually a few different types), carrots, green onions, tomatoes (of course), radishes, cucumbers, green beans, and my favorite: garden peas. As a child, I would sit on a towel at the swimming pool or scabby-kneed under the shade of a backyard tree or with my shirt off in the recliner chair and in my lap I an enormous bowl full of peas that I would devour the in an afternoon. Now of course, the peas have to be eaten fresh, uncooked, straight off the vine. Cooked pees are pretty much gross, in fact most cooked vegetables are pretty much gross. To this day, homegrown peas, fresh off the vine, remain one of my most treasured summertime snacks (right up there with frozen grapes). When I lived in Platt Park I grew my own, fairly successful, batch of pole peas. Last night I got myself a big old bag of peas from my moms garden. My bag is much smaller because my brother, Pandy, and I, immediately started gorging on the yield and didn’t stop till we were half way through. We slowed down once we realized that my brother was going to be the winner of the “most peas per pod contest” with a grand nine peas. Not to mention I was hoping this bag would last me through the weekend but I’m beginning to become doubtful.

Guys Night

Either somebody around here is eating Taco Bell or I have some terrible B.O. Last night a bunch of the guys (Bear, Leber, Jimbo, Canta. All of them being mentioned someone along the line) met out at the College Inn for the Av’s game. The game was ok. There was lots of back and forth scoring which made it interesting, but no win. The talk of the night revolved mainly around skiing, our waitress, and making fun of Leber for wanting a minivan despite not having any kids (and well basically everything else), along with the typical meaningless banter. Just my type of evening. The College Inn has some of the best green chile in town in addition to last night being tacos & tanks night. On the way over I realized that the last time I went to the College Inn was when I was dating Adri, around three years ago. That night held some funny/fond memories. I haven’t had a guys night out for no reason since I can remember so basically last night was just really enjoyable. I stopped by the local haunt on the way back home and the bartender threw me four tickets to his bands show on saturday at the Cricket but somehow I doubt I’ll go.