Buried Alive

Over the next two days some areas of Colorado Rockies are expecting up to eight feet of snow. Avalanche danger is already high and expected to get much worse. Be careful out there folks.

Being caught in an avalanche is like being buried in cement. You can’t dig yourself out of an avalanche. When buried, you can’t even move. Even if you could move, which you can’t, you wouldn’t know which way is up. And although it may be cold being buried in the snow it is actually suffocation that kills you. Your only chance of survival is if your friends (you are with friends right?) dig you out.

The first person video below gives you an idea of what it might be like to be caught in an avalanche, and being rescued.

The scratching/ruffling back-and-forth sound you hear is his chest rising and falling and the noise that his jacket makes. You can actually hear his breathing become stressed and accelerate, even in the short amount of time he was buried. The intermittent whimpering noise you hear is him trying to swallow and get some air.

He was only buried for 4 and a half minutes which is incredibly short. I cannot stress these next sentences enough; that in and of itself to be unburied in ONLY 4:28 is miraculous if you have any understanding of being caught in an avalanche and what it takes to be found. It could literally be some kind of “world record” just on how good the guide and supporting cast of other skiers was in getting to him.

Have some fun out there but respect nature.

Highest Highs And Lowest Lows

The DAX (Deutscher Aktien IndeX - German Stock Index) 1980-2009

In his collection titled “High Altitude”, artist Michael Najjar has created beautiful semi-realistic images of mountain ranges out of photographs he took while in the Argentinean Mountains. Interestingly, the re-worked mountain ranges actually visualize the ups and downs of leading global stock indices over the past twenty to thirty years. Pictured above is a representation of

“The virtual data mountains of the stock market charts are sublimated in the materiality of the Argentinean mountainscape. The jagged rock formations act as a symbol of the thin edge between reality and simulation.”

More of Michael’s photos are below the fold.
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Colorado Snow

The Eye on Colorado page contains links to all Colorado Ski Resort Webcams, I70 & CDOT Webcams, CDOT Mountain Pass Status, Weather Reports, and the CAIC Avalanche Danger Rose. The links and information should give the user a complete picture of the current dangers and status of Colorado’s Mountain terrain including roads resort and back country. I’ll be checking this site often.

Regale You

To remain consistent, I have decided once again to regale bore you with the trivialities of my social and personal life.

Saturday I played in a golf tournament at Wellshire with a bunch of buddies. Our foursome lost. The parliaments won. And so did the bud king cans. I was completely wiped out by the end of the day and spent the remainder of it on the couch watching reruns of “little people big world” which I feel a little bit sorry about.

A couple of weeks back my and G did some camping near Tennyson Canyon. Gorgeous as per typical of Colorado. There are lots of panoramas after the jump.

I have been having very little interest in sharing my opinions lately.
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This Little Piggy Went To Steamboat

A Lake Just Outside Of Town, Steamboat, Colorado

It was another weekend spent in the mountains. This time we headed up to Steamboat for the 4th annual pig roast. We got up there on Friday night and after a large plate of Szechuan at the Canton. We headed over to Mahogany Ridge. I was looking forward to hearing a Grateful Dead/Metallica cover band but was disappointed by some salsa crap. I don’t mind a little salsa music, but when you are expecting the incredible blend of heavy & hippy, salsa simply doesn’t satisfy.

Saturday morning we grabbed a bite at Winonas. I highly suggest this place. Everything we had was great. I had the Lox Omelet (being Yom Kippur and all), which was delicious. Don’t forget to get one of the cinnamon rolls that are larger than your head and literally ooze with icing.

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

After breky, we went up hiking at Mad Creek. We had a quick, but beautiful, 3 mile, in-and-out hike. If you haven’t been reading the annex lately, I’m getting into this whole leaf changing thing and the higher elevations in Colorado are perfect for some peeping. After the hike it was down to Strawberry Park for a soak. Strawberry Park is also another really cool place were natural hot springs and some incredible masonry/stonework divides a naturally running river into separate cells with varying water temperatures.

The 4th Annual Steamboat Pig Roast, Steamboat

The 4th Annual Steamboat Pig Roast, Steamboat

The pig roast was a blast. Thanks to everyone in steamboat for their hospitality. There was a fun and generous group of people (the bus driver for Crosby, Stills & Nash excepted) up there who hooked us up with beds, beer, entertainment, a bon fire, dinner and laughs. Not to mention a pig.

Roughing It

Refreshing the feet, Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness

I went up camping for the first time in a couple of years over this past weekend. Granted, I’ve been up in the mountains hiking around and skiing uncountable times. I just haven’t spent the night. So I loaded up the car with my brother, Pandy, and a bunch of her friends from school. We headed up to the Gore Range.

Elliot Creek Campground, Green Mountain Reservoir

We all had a little trouble finding a camping spot that we liked but we finally settled on a campground near Green Mountain Reservoir. It was a decent site with a few trees for shade, plenty of room for all of our tents, a fire ring, and wasn’t crowded.

Masturbate & Tackle, Green Mountain Reservoir

Bro Fishing, Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness

Grilled Cheese & Franks Dinner, Elliot Creek Campground

When camp was a set up we headed up the road to get some worms and do some fishing. After a very unsuccessful evening of fishing, we gathered up some wood (most of wich was purchased at the bait shop back in town) and started the fire. The reminder of the night we proceeded to drink beer, eat way too many fire hot franks and spin plenty o’ yarn bullshit. Late in the night we did a little more fishing of the full moon type, again unsuccessfully.

Nightscape, Elliot Creek Campground
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Winter Weekends

Friday I worked a little late into the evening and spent a quiet evening at home. I watched How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days. It was cute, laughable, fodder to wind down my week. I can appreciate an occasional fun chick flick despite how generally contrived and predictable it was.

I was up (relatively) early on Saturday and headed up into the mountains for a day of skiing. I met up with A.P. and his wife and the two kids. We all ate an early lunch together and then went out to the carpet lift to play with the kids and teach them how to ski. The boy popped out before he even got his skis on but the girls were gung ho and couldn’t get enough. It was great getting a four-year old and a six-year old interested in the sport. Both me and A.P. agreed the whole secret to getting the youngsters started is just making sure they stay warm and are having fun. Most of the skills and athletics come later. At first you just have make sure they want to come back. Afterward me and A.P. went to take some turns on our own. We got about four additional hours skiing the ‘S’ lift at Copper Mountain. Traditionally, one of our favorite areas. It snowed most of the afternoon and this made for some good skiing but it also made traffic a bear. It took me two hours to get up to the mountain in the morning and three hours to get back. It was a long day.

I spent most of Sunday running errands, grocery shopping, watching TV, and reading. I was a pleasant weekend for a change.