On Saturday I picked up my brother and Pandy and we headed up into the mountains. We reached Copper Mountain at about 11:00 and skied till about 3:30. I was a beautiful, 15 spf, cloudless, electricbluesky day. The snow got a little hard towards the end of the day when everything cooled off but overall it was a great day. We spent most of the day doing cruisers as Pandy has only been skiing around five times, but she loves it.

We then headed over the pass deeper into the Rockies to Vail. We met my mom at her condo then freshened up and headed into town. Vail was really pretty with all of their Xmas lights up still and it was really nostalgic for me as I used to go up there every year with the family and spend time with my grandparents. It was weird how many absolutely beautiful people there were in that town. It was like Hollywood, with more furs coats. There wasn’t an ugly person in the entire place. It sickened and delighted all of us. We ate some Mexican and drank margaritas and people watched at Los Amigos (menu).

On Sunday we went skiing on vail mountain. My mom hadn’t been skiing in about 15 years, I hadn’t skied with my brother for probably about 13 years, and I’d never skied with Pandy, so it made for a really enjoyable day. Not to mention it snowed all day long and we got about 6-8 inches of powder to ski in all day. So when my brother and I split off from the girls to go ski the bowls, we had a blast. Visibility was terrible, however, and we both got frightened a bit when we first entered the backside cause it was whiteout conditions and we were very unfamiliar with the terrain (at one point we almost skied over a cliff). There was no way to gauge distance in the blowing snow so it was hard to tell if I was seeing 20 feet in front of me or 80 feet. We ran into some snowboarders who wanted to ski with us for safety reasons. We ran into another group of three skiers and chatted with them when we heard somebody yelling for help somewhere back in the snow beyond sight. Luckily one of the other guys had a radio and was able to call for help. The weather cleared up after about an hour and made for a great powder ski day, though. Driving home sucked, however, and I wasn’t back at my apartment till 8:30 on Sunday, exhausted from two days of skiing and a three-hour drive. What a great weekend.

A Lack Of Oxygen

This weekend was boom and bust.

When I got back from work on Friday I found in my mailbox the sweetest gift from Sassy Little Punkin. It a beautiful hand-painted coffee mug with a delightful inscription on the bottom and a thoughtful and heartwarming note inside. Thanks so much slp. It been sitting on my nightstand and replenishing me throughout the recent nights.

On Saturday I went hiking. We hiked up Mt. Sherman. Which is the 8th of Colorado’s 53 Fourteeners that I have completed. It involved waking up at 5:15 in the morning, which is way too early for a weekend. But don’t feel sorry for me, she only got two hours of sleep. Unfortunately, we had no sparks but she’s a nice girl. Of course a combined nine hours of sleep and a lack of oxygen don’t help in these matters and I’m sure we’ll be hanging out again. It was a relatively easy hike though, particularly for a 14er and an enjoyable day overall.

Later that evening I went to A.P.s wedding reception. He got married in Mexico a few weeks back and had a party consisting of free food and drinks, and several pinatas for all those unable to make it south of the border.

I tried calling Ray but she never answered. My other phone call that evening was answered by a machine. So my luck with communication was down on Sunday. However, I did have a really enjoyable afternoon at my brothers which consisted mainly of trying to avoid the heat by playing with the garden hose, lying around watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and going to the convenience store for refreshments. Overall it was a pretty satisfying weekend.
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