Birthday Bash

Lots of fun birthday stuff over the past couple of weeks.

The last week in September was the perfect time to go to Elitches. Everybody thinks it’s closed because it only runs on the weekends and none of their Halloween advertising has started yet. Tickets are also extra cheap if you buy them at Safweay. A bunch of us rode roller coasters for five hours in a effort to reclaim our youth. We rode nothing but roller coasters. We rode every single one of them, and most of them twice. We never stood in line for longer than three minutes and always had our choice of carts. I prefer the back. Ride stats are after the jump. Afterwards we hit up Brothers Bar for some birthday drinks and such.

Coaster Complexity

Last weekend I was able to round up a bunch of free tickets to Comedy Works to see Dov Davidoff (youtube link) for another birthday party. He was really funny. His demeanor was a little hard to get used to. He sort of reminded me of my brother with a few cocktails in him. Very funny. And a great evening overall.
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Jacksonville, Funida

It has been nearly three weeks and I never wrote about my trip to Florida. Well, about three weeks ago I went to Florida. For a short week. To celebrate my mothers 60th birthday. This is the first time I had been out there since my mother moved there about a-year-and-a-half ago. It was a great trip that mostly involved tons and tons of beach time. Mostly large wave beach time that was perfect for body surfing and boogie boarding in. We had a great sushi dinner for my mom’s birthday. There was tons of drinking going on all weekend, and plenty of fun was had by all. More fun than I am aloud to talk about on this blog. Which also made things very interesting. Downers included the loss of my wallet and an unexpected overnight stay in a very dumpy hotel in Atlanta. But this is how I roll.

BIG Candle

Old Man And The Sea


Surfs Up


Second Annual Beer Olympics: Aquatic Version

Second Annual Beer Olympics: Aquatic Version

Second Annual Beer Olympics: Aquatic Version

It’s a week late but I thought I’d share a little about my Independence Day holiday. I woke up early and headed over to Bear’s house for the 4th of July Pool Party And 2nd Annual Beer Olympics: Aquatic Version. Events included blind mans beer, swim-chug-pull, beer tread. G and I came in second place thanks mainly to G’s ability to tread water for 55 minutes with a beer in one hand. She said she could have gone longer but frankly everybody was getting bored (and a little too drunk) with watching her.

Afterward we swung over to my brothers for some pizza and tacos from “Tacoss” taquería (no website, no yellow pages address, no citysearch, located here and more beer. We picked up Pandy and headed back to the pool party where many pool games were played, long floats were floated and cold beers were drankeded. The rest of the evening consisted of a Sopranos marathon. Good times indeed.

Other things that have been occupying my time include:

  • A birthday party at Sushi Basho
  • A birthday party at Carmines On Penn
  • Tubing down the Platte
  • Car troubles
  • Baseball games
  • Wake boarding
  • Renewed Vows
  • Movies
  • Other stuff
  • Five Pounds Of Crawfish, A Six Pack Of Beer

    Crawfish Boil :: Denver
    Since we now have a coon-ass in the family, Mardi Gras and its associated holiday’s, have become much more important. At least the party part of them has. Yesterday’s Fat Tuesday was no different (though my sister-inlaw wasn’t involved at all). Me and G headed over to Lincoln’s Raodhouse (home of the meat loaf cheeseburger and pot roast burrito), or as it is affectionately called during Mardi Gras: Poirrier’s Cajun Cafe, for their annual crawfish boil. How do you say it Down South? Crawfish or Crayfish? We called them crawdads growing up. Anyway, we settled up to five pounds of crawfish, a six pack of beer, a roll of paper towels, and several beaded necklaces.

    The place got pretty crowded and the kitchen was churning out bucket after bucket of crawfish as fast as it could and it wasn’t close to keeping up with demand. By the time the washboard band that was crammed in the corner started blaring their zydofied (I think I just invented a word) zz top music, the place was standing room only. The dancing began but we left before the place it was in full fervor, which, given the clientele in this place, was probably a good idea. I don’t care to imagine the place with beads, beer bottles, and boobs flying around.

    Another Entry In Which All I Do Is Complain About Having Too Much Fun

    It’s not really because I’ve been so productive or anything, it’s not even because I’ve been working hard, or been stressed out, but the last couple of weeks seem to have wiped me out and I’m not sure how long the recovery is going to take. I think it all started with the Widespread show at Red Rocks a couple of weeks ago. I also somehow fit a night out and a picnic at City Park listening to the free jazz concert somewhere in that weekend. My dad’s birthday and America’s birthday were stuck in there somewhere with late night fanfare for both.

    There have been BBQ nearly every other day it seems. Counting up real quick-like I can think of three nights I have had hamburgers, one night of hot links, one afternoon of hot wings, another afternoon of hot dogs, kickers for dinner, and oh my god I’ve been eating like crap. Last week Pandy made her etouffee again. It was utterly delicious and probably the healthiest thing I’ve eaten over the past fortnight. Twice this weekend alone, G made her special potatoes that have two whole sticks of butter per batch in them. My diet is definitely not helping my wornoutedness much.

    I’ve also spent a bunch of time in the sun lately. The above mentioned concerts were both at outdoor venues. I was out on the boat twice this week for at least three hours each time. All the BBQs (beside the one in last nights deluge) have been held outside. I also fit in 18 holes of golf over the weekend. The sun is tiring, it’s definitely not helping my wornoutedness much.

    I know it sounds like all I’m doing is complaining about having fun, but, that is really all I’m doing.