Snow Dinosaur

October Blizzard '09

It snowed about fourteen inches at my house over the last two days. This is an exceptional amount of snow for this early in the season. Anyway, while shoveling the sidewalks I looked up at this snow covered tree in my yard. With a littlie imagination I think it kinda looks like a snow dinosaur.

Martian Skin And Tatoo

Martian Surface

This incredible photo of the surface of Mars was taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera. Our very own local astronomer/blogger, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy, points out that:

The important thing to note here is that the sand in the craters of Mars is actually dark grey in color, since it’s made of basalt. The reason it looks red in pictures is because covering the sand is a thin layer of much finer dust, and the dust is what’s red. When a dust devil moves over the Martian surface, it can pick up the very light dust particles, but not the heavier sand grains. So those blue-grey swirls are tracks where the dust devil has vacuumed up the dust, revealing the darker sand underneath. If you look carefully in the tracks, you can see the sand dune ripples are undisturbed. Only the dust is gone.

I think it is also important to note that by clicking the photo above, you can view a much larger version that shows the martian sand dunes and dust devil tracks in detail.

Prepare, Primp & Edit

Piper wants to play a game. This game doesn’t have a name but a it does have a set of stringent rules. The rules go something like this: You have to take a photo of yourself as soon as you see you’ve been tagged. You’re not allowed prepare, primp, or edit! You must post the photo immediately.

I’ve never been one to break the rules so here you go – one unedited photo shot via the ole’ webcam.

Webcam Self Portrait

Youch. That makes two self portraits in one week. Hopefully you have all had enough of me by now. I know I have. Now to tag others for this:

Mr. Lady

KHUBS Radio And Azure Ray

I saw Azure Ray for the first time by mistake. A few years Ago I was going went to see Bright Eyes play at the Paramount and Azure Ray opened up for them. I was so pleasantly surprised by them that I ended up enjoying their performance more than the one I bought the ticket for. I bought the self-titled CD that night from Maria Taylor as she was working the merch table. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they sounded better live than on the CD (despite Conor Oberst’s crazy vibrato mucking things up in the background on a couple of songs). The women of Azure Ray have those sweet whispery female vocals that I’m a complete sucker for. And although their voices are breathy and sexy, their songs are so goddamn sad it feels like a punch in the gut. On KHUBS Radio I put Azure Ray’s entire first self-titled full length album (songs #01-11), the entire November EP (songs #12-17), one song (#18) off of the Burn And Shiver Album, and two songs (#19-20) off the most recent Hold On Love album. Enjoy.
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Warm Embrace

Christmas lights are strung on the moulding. They are plain white and don’t flash. I have a fake plastic tree in the corner. But I have seven or eight real plants in other corners. One of these plants, on the window sill, is dead. But I haven’t gotten rid of it yet. I have a porcelain green monkey holding a turnip. I have a cluttered desk. I have to dust. I have some sort of strange instrument that can’t be played. I don’t think. I have overdue bills my heart can’t pay. I have a corner-shelf filled with colored glass. None of it is useful. I have a wood and wrought iron coffee table. And matching end stand. Both haven’t been taken from me yet. Though they should be. I have a box full of blankets. And a box full of magazines. Another full of photographs. I have a suitcase record player. A coffee cup stolen from an all-night restaurant. I have tropical temperatures on the coldest of days. I have the perfect lamp for a 25-watt bulb. A dripless candle that smells ok. And I could use more light. I have a taken down the drapes. Because I like to look outside. An acoustic guitar on a stand. I’ve got only 2 photographs on the walls. But I don’t want more. This room has a lifetime full of memories. A ratty sofa that nobody really enjoys. Often open windows. Sometimes there’s a phone call from far away. “So what did you do today?” There are always shoes on the floor to trip over. Pools of my life gather in nearly every available depression. I have games. But I don’t play them often. Maybe I’ll open a jigsaw. I have a warm embrace. My ceiling has few right angles. And a fan. Which makes it nice to stare at.