Standing Happy Hour

I went to McCormick’s Fish House and Bar last night after work. Me and some friends have a new “standing happy hour” and this was the first one. The attraction to McCormick’s, for me anyway, is their happy hour snack menu. Everything on the menu is only $1.95 and items include, among others:
-Chutney stuffed jalapeno peppers.
-Steamed black mussels in curry and cream sauce.
-Seafood cakes with tartar sauce.
-Crudite with ranch dressing
-Salmon croquettes with red chili aioli
-Potato skins with broccoli and cheese

The menu changes frequently depending on availability of ingredients. Another attraction is that The Cruise Room is next door. As for the “standing happy hour” only three other people showed up (of the 20 to 25 invited, not even the guy who started it showed). Maybe more people will show up the next time that I decide to go.

A Night At Jerusalem

I went out to dinner with my pops last night and will be doing so again tonight. We ate at a little (only 10 or so tables, and some additional seating outside that was not an option because it was snowing) place called Jerusalem Restaurant over in the Denver University area. The Jerusalem restaurant is owned by the Wahdan family and has been in operation since 1978. Dinner was really relaxed and it was an enjoyable evening.