Closing Signatures To Be Inserted At The End Of Your Love Letters

As a man who signs my letters to my girlfriend with “XOXOXO – hubs”, I found this McSweeney’s article titled “Two Previously Known and 15 Brand-New Closing Signatures, to Be Inserted at the End of Your Love Letters for Valentine’s or Any Other Day.” to be extremely funny.

X = A kiss.
O = A hug.
R = A saucy lick.
T = A meaningful pat on your high, yummy ass, not too hard, not too soft, now you try it on me, perfect, that’ll do just fine.
I = Remember that day at the park? That day when we walked hand-in-hand alongside the reflecting pool and then strolled, ever so casually, over to the cocker spaniel with the very bad breath and that vague, faraway stare that reminded me of the rabid dog I once saw beneath the arts-and-crafts cabin at summer camp? I’m recalling that memory as I write this. You should be, too.

Wonderful Tonight

This past weekend my friend Rach was in town visiting. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding last year in Florida. It was great to catch up with her despite her keeping me and G up late on the school nights. Not only was it nice to have her around, but she also introduced us to some cool new people and took us out to a few new restaurants.

We always make fun of Rach because she had Wonderful Tonight play for her first dance at her wedding. She asked the band that she hired (over the internet) to play a specific song she had in mind, but they “didn’t have time to learn that one” so they busted out with the Clapton-style-ultra-cheese. Me and G immediately started laughing behind hand clapsed mouths and pointing our fingers at her and her new husband like we were mean 7th grade cheerleaders. Both of them were grinding their teeth through their entire first dance. I thinks its awesome that Wonderful Tonight will forever have to be “Their Song”.

According to DJ Prism Light (is this for real?), here are the top 200 wedding/mitzvah/class reunion songs. Rounding out the top 10 is (Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight places at 11th):
1. Abba Dancing Queen

2. Ac/Dc You Shook Me All Night Long

3. B-52’s Love Shack

4. Outkast Hey Ya!

5. Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl

6. Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama

7. Black Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started (Nobody is daring enough to cover this?)

8. Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me

9. Sister Sledge We Are Family (I Couldn’t find The Corrs cover of this on the interweb)

10. Kool & The Gang Celebration (I couldn’t find Kylie Minogue’s cover of this)

As a side note, Wonderful Tonight will always remind me of dancing in a dark freshman dorm room with a hot coed whom I had a crush on. She whispered every word of the song in my ear. Surprisingly, for me, this is a fond memory and not a creepy one.