Goodbye Summer Girl

To My Dear Girl Summer,

I’ve always thought you had a pretty name. It somehow so perfectly represented who you were and what you meant to me. Your long straight golden hair (you’re such a funny bear), your bounce and giggle, liquid-shiny smile, and blue-sky eyes. Summer, you know you were difficult at first, but you had somehow found a way to propel yourself into my heart. And my fondness for you has only improved since I met you in late June. We’ve had some great times over the past few month’s. I had fun going to parties with you, you’ve seen me through some accidents, some lonely times, and exciting times. I’ll treasure our long hot days and cool evenings together. You’ve taught me a lot and have introduced me to some great people. People who have truly influenced, affected and now become a part of who I am. For that I thank you most. And I think we can both agree that while we were together, we were good for each other.

And we’ve only been apart for a couple of weeks now, but, I can already look back at what we had together with both a sort of fondness and melancholy. And were both sorry that you have to leave. It’s heartbreaking to have to let you go. But I’ve met somebody else. She’s more my type. A brunette with dark skin. She’s really colorful but often melancholy and she likes nothing more than a warm body to help her keep warm during those first five minutes of waking on her crisp mornings. She smells of smoke and leaves and earth. I love when she talks in a whisper. She has hazel eyes, a sparkling green that melts into a woody brown. And they get me every time. I know you don’t want me to go on and on about her but she’s my future now. And it’s only fair that you know cause she is a close friend of yours. Her name is Autumn.

Thanks for all the memories. I hope to see you next year.

Love always,


I just got in from a two-hour lunch and nobody even realized I was gone. I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not. It’s beautiful outside and was the perfect afternoon to go walk around. I can feel the slightest bit of spring fever starting to settle into my bones. But I won’t be fooled quite yet there is still a few more snow storms left in the year (if were lucky).

The reason I took such a long lunch was to go check out a showing of some of Shag’s (Josh Agle) artwork on display at Th’Ink Tank. There were about 30+ pieces on display. Every one of them sold on opening night. Shag’s work is a cartoonish rendition of the swank 1960’s swinger or mod culture. Themes include tiki heads, shriners, spies, voodoo lounge, devils, and cocktails. A couple of my favorites can be found below. Check out his website for more.
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