My weekend started off with a Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains, a super band consisting of Les Claypool (Primus), Brain (Praxis), Buckethead (Guns N Roses), and Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic). The show was great, they played a really long session, had some wonderful solos, a couple of good covers and it was basically a full-on freak show. I went with A.P., my bro, Pandy, and a bunch of friends and I think we all had a blast. Opening the show was Gabbylala. She put on a great show playing all kinds of instruments; look for her album in 2005.

I slept in on Saturday consisted of yard work (raking leaves) and lazing around. I am still on the verge of a cold so I went to sleep early. By the way, that new doublemelt pizza thing from Dominoes is disgusting. Don’t try it. The chicken kickers, however, are wonderful.

On Sunday I ran a bunch of errands and then we had a pumpkin carving party. The weather was perfect to sit in the backyard with all the leaves falling around us making jack-o-lanterns. It was tons-o-fun and we have a whole bunch of freshly roasted and liberally salted pumpkin seeds to boot.

Spilt Milk

Did you know that Frank Black broke up the Pixies via a fax? That’s fucking brilliant. I wish I broke up with my exes via a fax. Why didn’t I think of that. Oh yeah, cause I always the one getting dumped.

The Pixies show last night pretty much kicked ass. Watching a show at Magnus Arena is pretty much like watching a show in a large tin box, thus, it’s like listening to a show in a large tin box. Sound quality left something to be desired. I saw Jane’s Addiction there before and didn’t notice the sound, but it was Jane’s addiction, and it was Halloween, and it was my birthday – I probably didn’t notice much of anything. Despite being inside a giant Altoids container the sound was decent. It was loud. Just like it should be. And they Pixies put on one hell of a rocking show (or rawking is how I think the kids are spelling it these days).

They must have played for about an hour and a half and played 20+ songs. I don’t have a set list but I knew most of the songs they played. Apparently they played everything everybody wanted to hear. But Tony’s Theme. Honestly I wasn’t that familiar with the Pixies before this summer so I feel like I’ve really been invited to sit at the same table as the cool kids now. God I hope I don’t spill my milk.

But Sometimes I’m An Idiot

I went to see Mates Of State again last night. They made a quick stop at the Larimer Lounge on their way to Houston to record. It was another incredible show. They had the same great interaction with each other, and the crowd, as in previous shows that I’ve seen. The set was kinda short and consisted of only about 10 or so songs, around half of them being new. And they didn’t play an encore. But there was only about 40 or so people there so it was real intimate and had a friendly party vibe. I got there a little early cause I knew the venue was small. I sat at the bar and chatted up (or should I say was chatted up by) a girl who knew the bar tender. We hit it off pretty well and danced through the set. We may get together again next week. I didn’t get home till late late late though and could barely keep my eyes open today. It was totally worth the ten bucks for the ticket, hell I would have paid twenty, but sometimes I’m an idiot. Hopefully tonight I’ll get a good nights rest.
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Mates Of State

Saturday night, after nursing my hangover all afternoon, I went to my old roommate’s engagement party. It was pretty fun, but nothing too exciting. The usual crowd was there. I got to see the Rod family’s new house, it was really cute and I’m sure I’ll be spending plenty of time in their backyard this summer. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple, you’re very good together. I wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness together, you both deserve it. After a couple of hours of catching up with friends and giving my congrats, I went to go see Rainer Maria and Mates Of State at the Bluebird Theatre. I really like Rainer Maria and I own all their albums, but I went to the show to see Mates Of State. The show was great. I just love Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel’s songs, lyrics and harmonies (I own all their albums too, and a couple of 7″). It is best to see them live. It is just the two of them on stage. Knowing they are married and loving every minute of it. They constantly look at each other, sing to each other, and croon each other throughout the entire show. It is no secret that many of their songs are written about their relationship and it really comes across on stage. At one point I saw Kori mouth the words “I Love You” across the stage to Jason. Seeing them play was truly an inspiration and it absolutely made my day. Plus I have a true celebrity crush on Kori now.

You can watch a video filmed at Emos in Austin Texas here.