Vulfpeck Makes $20,000 Off Of A Silent Album While Sleeping

Brilliant! The funk band Vulfpeck made $20,000 in streaming revenues from Spotify for an album of complete silence. All ten tracks of the album, titled “Sleepify”, were streamed by fans on repeat all night while they slept. The tracks on “Sleepify” – cleverly titled “Z” through “Zzzzzzzzzz” – are all 31 or 32 seconds long. This is the minimum length a song must be played to be considered a payable ‘listen’ by spotify. The band earned somewhere between $3 and $4 dollars a night per fan.

The album was originally released to generate money so that the band could go on tour and not charge admission fees but Spotify has asked Vulfpeck to remove the album because it broke Spotify’s terms of content – Vulfpeck complied.

“Sleepify” is by far Vulpeck’s most commercially successful album to date which is a bummer because these guys are really pretty good. Give it a listen if you like funky themes, TV anthems, and laid-back instrumentals. Then go buy their album.

Busy Brain

A feeling (and now a word) I am very familiar with:

busy brain
n. A mental state that includes racing thoughts, anxiety, lack of focus, and sleeplessness.

Earliest citation:

Medication is swelling his feet and keeping him awake at night, while his mind is under siege from “busy brain”, a side effect of the medication.

—Peter Ellingsen, “Suddenly, there’s nowhere to hide,” The Age, December 10, 2001.


Beer at work
Lounging on the patio with new friends (more beer)
BBQ at a new house (too much food and more beer)
Shutting down a real old haunt that is gaining back its spirit.
Garage sales
Getting my spidey sense back
Sushi at the den
London Pub
The snug
Downtown mansions
Crashing parties/reunions
Hot-tubbing till the sun comes up
Guilty feelings
Naps in the park
Naps on the couch

A Different Kind Of Nightlife

I had a couple of weird dreams last night. The first one involved me driving a car along a road that was so steep that it became inverted. It ended up tipping my car right over, where it dumped into outer space (apparently gravity works until you’re upside down in my dreams). In the other one, I purposefully, pealed one of my fingernails off painlessly (very similar tho the loosing teeth dream I’ve had a couple of times before). Anybody care to try to interpret these?

Failing Systems

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a ‘here is what I did and this is how I feel about it’ post, so here goes: Nothing and very little.

It’s been a fairly stressful last week and a half and the lack of sleep combined with an emotional rollercoaster ground me down, and that has allowed the sickness to creeeeeep in. I took a couple days off work last week and have spent most of my recent evening laying on the couch and the switching over and laying in the other side of the couch, this, so I can breathe out of each of my nostrils alternatively. The last three or four nights I’ve gotten little sleep due to a persistent dry cough that throws me into REM shattering convulsions. Other than that I’m doing great though. I did go see the doctor today though. I normally wouldn’t go to the doctor for a mere cold, but this has gone on for over a week and I’m my sleep debt is increasing to a level I’m not comfortable with. He prescribed me some codeine lace cough syrup. I hope this helps. I also discussed with him this issue. He’s doing some blood work but suspects it’s my endocrine system, which has effectively failed me since I was 15 years old, and may be the reason for low blood sugar and also connected to why I’ve been getting sick so much lately.

Before Midnight

I haven’t been to sleep before midnight in at least a week. I was up till 12:30 the night before last and last night I was up till 2:00 just wandering around my apartment putting different objects in different places. I’ve been busting my ass all week at work. I was in the office till 8:00 pm last night and had 7:30 meetings again this morning. They are unrelated, the sleep and the work. I almost never loose sleep over work. That’s one thing I really love about my job. Surprisingly I’m not too worn out yet but it’s bound to catch up to me pretty soon. I went out to lunch with Sabrina today. We went to La Fiesta. Last time I was there was with her, way back when. The hubs burrito is still there though. And it’s still delicious. Tonight I think I might go grab a few beers. That might put me to sleep at a decent hour. Or not.