Sushi Infographic

Sushi Infographic 可愛い!

I love sushi. But that is only part of the reason I enjoy Sung Hwan Jang’s wonderful sushi infographic. The graphic’s eye pleasing and cartoonish simplcity hit me right in the Chris Ware. Sung has put together all kinds of fun graphical posters detailing everything from pizza to constellations to camping to the Bauhaus art movement.

Sushi Infographic

I’d love to get this poster for my kitchen but I’m unsure how to purchase it from the Korean websites.

It Was So Good It Tasted Like My Birthday

It has been really nice having my brother’s birthday on Monday because the parental units have been taking us out to dinner per the bro’s preference the past couple of nights.

On monday mom took us out to Little India out on 6th avenue (there’s Little India downtown too but I’ve eaten there and there is a difference). Now I’ve been hearing good things about this place for a while but I wasn’t expecting what I got. It was completely astounding. I loved it. I got the shrimp biryanis. But everything everyone ordered was good. The saags, the masalas and curries were all turbo-delish. The service was great too. But if you are in Denver I recommend you get your ass out there. Now.

On Tuesday we went to and old stand-by. Sushi Heights (Colfax and York under the Free University). I used to go here all the time back in the day. However, I discovered last night that my brother and Pandy have turned it into their own place last night when our waitress not only recognized their faces but called them by name and joked about the being regulars. I have to admit I felt a tinge of jealousy. Sushi Heights is a perennial favorite and didn’t fail last night by serving us some of the best sushi in Denver and definitely the best in downtown. I tried a couple of new things last night. Tiger Eye is salmon stuffed squid and was really good. I also tried the white tuna for the first time (go now, it’s on special and isn’t very common in these land locked mountain states) which melted in my with pure deliciousness.

My Plastic Me

Despite being absolutely exhausted yesterday, when I got a call from my brother to join him and Pandy for sushi, I couldn’t resist. I don’t know that I have ever turned it down before. We went to Sushi Heights which is, in my opinion, the best sushi restaurant in town. After chowing down on a bunch of sushi B combination platters and sake we headed over to my brother’s to lay around and digest.

We caught part of The Swan which was really just a laugh. We only saw two contestants but all of us agreed that they may be slightly “prettier” after the “makeover” but they looked a lot more “attractive” before it. I think these shows are utterly abhorrent but somehow intriguing. And have you guys seen this show about the kids who are going through plastic surgery in order to look like somebody famous. The girl who wanted to look like Britney Spears already looked like Britney Spears, she just got bigger tits. Maybe I’m just old but this shit disturbs me. And now there’s this eyeball jewelry.

Sweet Sushi Sleep

I went up to Boulder last night. I hadn’t been there in close to a year. And boy was it worth the drive. I met Katy and a couple of her business clients at Japango for dinner. All you can eat dinner. All you can eat sushi dinner! All you can eat sushi dinner for $27!! And two-for-one drinks ’til 6 o’clock. We sat there for three-and-a-half hours and gorged ourselves. We must have ordered a couple hundred dollars worth of sushi. My god what a fucking feast. It actually physically hurt to walk out of the restaurant. There was a down side though.
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