On Saturday I picked up my brother and Pandy and we headed up into the mountains. We reached Copper Mountain at about 11:00 and skied till about 3:30. I was a beautiful, 15 spf, cloudless, electricbluesky day. The snow got a little hard towards the end of the day when everything cooled off but overall it was a great day. We spent most of the day doing cruisers as Pandy has only been skiing around five times, but she loves it.

We then headed over the pass deeper into the Rockies to Vail. We met my mom at her condo then freshened up and headed into town. Vail was really pretty with all of their Xmas lights up still and it was really nostalgic for me as I used to go up there every year with the family and spend time with my grandparents. It was weird how many absolutely beautiful people there were in that town. It was like Hollywood, with more furs coats. There wasn’t an ugly person in the entire place. It sickened and delighted all of us. We ate some Mexican and drank margaritas and people watched at Los Amigos (menu).

On Sunday we went skiing on vail mountain. My mom hadn’t been skiing in about 15 years, I hadn’t skied with my brother for probably about 13 years, and I’d never skied with Pandy, so it made for a really enjoyable day. Not to mention it snowed all day long and we got about 6-8 inches of powder to ski in all day. So when my brother and I split off from the girls to go ski the bowls, we had a blast. Visibility was terrible, however, and we both got frightened a bit when we first entered the backside cause it was whiteout conditions and we were very unfamiliar with the terrain (at one point we almost skied over a cliff). There was no way to gauge distance in the blowing snow so it was hard to tell if I was seeing 20 feet in front of me or 80 feet. We ran into some snowboarders who wanted to ski with us for safety reasons. We ran into another group of three skiers and chatted with them when we heard somebody yelling for help somewhere back in the snow beyond sight. Luckily one of the other guys had a radio and was able to call for help. The weather cleared up after about an hour and made for a great powder ski day, though. Driving home sucked, however, and I wasn’t back at my apartment till 8:30 on Sunday, exhausted from two days of skiing and a three-hour drive. What a great weekend.


Last night, after getting off a phone call that totally boosted my mood from where it was yesterday after noon, I went out to the uptown for a beer and some din din. After I ordered a quesadilla I got a phone call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a long time wondering if I wanted to go grab a beer. He ended up meeting me at the uptown. I was glad to hear from him. He’s in the same boat as me: single, no single friends. So it’s nice to have a new (read: lone) person to go grab drinks or do single kinda stuff with.

He spent a couple of years in Japan teaching english. When he went there he knew very little Japanese. Among the few words he knew were “drink” and “watermelon”. He told me that Japanese for drink is nomu (no-moo). I can’t remember what he said Japanese for watermelon was but it was something like suika. After he had been in Japan for only a couple of weeks he invited a fellow coworker over to his apartment for drinks. His fellow coworker knew very little english as well. My friend explained that they had communicated all night by means of exaggerated hand motions, laughing, dancing, games, and excessive drinking. He said the alcohol had allowed them to loosen up and speak to each other in a unique and unlikely ways. He later learned that the Japanese actually had a word, a combination of english and Japanese, for this type of communication. They called it nomunication. I though that was rather clever and have since added it to my vocabulary.

He also told me that 7-11 convenience stores have signs that read seben ereben.
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Anxious And Eager

Last night I went out to dinner with my dad. We went to one of our favorites: Tommy’s Thia. My dad called me this afternoon to let me know that he thought the conversation that we had was unique and fun and interesting. I agreed. We talked about the wedding(s), chicago, our jobs and me going out to visit Jami this weekend. And some other stuff. It was funny he was being all fatherly. Sometimes he forgets I’m 30. Or maybe sometimes I forget I’m only 30.

I’ve got a bunch to do tonight. Mostly I have to do laundry and pack and clean up a little cause I hate coming back to a messy place. I also have my first kickball meeting tonight. Our first game is Friday. I hope we win. There is supposed to be a fastest pitcher (the kind that holds beer) drinking contest afterwards, it’s more important that we win that.
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I don’t know. It seems like things have been fairly busy around hubsville. I’ve got vacations planned, plane tickets bought, measurements taken, concert tickets bought, hotels booked, weddings, days off of work, special people to see. It’s all so far away and barreling at me at light speed at the same time. If nothing else, and it is something else, these are generally some exciting and good times for me. And the future holds more promise. Sometimes it’s tough to bring in the reigns, but most of the time I don’t want to. I’ve got lots I need to do in what appears to be the shortest/longest time, and it’s starting to weigh on me a bit, but I think it’s because I let it.

I’m kind of nervous about what I’m gonna say for my toast during my friend’s wedding. Does anybody have any suggestions? This one is going to be big for me.

My kickball team is a go. This one is going to be a blast.

I have lots of work I need to do. Somehow I always end up pulling it all out of my ass and getting it done. But something tells me that somehow something is gonna go wrong. This one is unjustified.

I’m taking three days off next week to have a mini tour of Southern Colorado including a wedding in Durango as well as some camping combined with a WSP show in Telluride with my craziest group of friends. This one is going to be ridiculous.

All of this is happening this month – in addition to birthdays, rehearsals, parties, dinners, and several other social events sprinkled throughout – and even bigger (and better) things planned for next month.

This Is A Good Thing

San Francisco is a wonderful city. The weather was perfect. There was nearly no fog. Unfortunately, I only got to spend about 28 hours there. It was definitely whirlwind. I did however get to spend a little time in China Town, go to the ferry building, and walk around Knob Hill and Downtown. I stayed at the Omni which was a beautiful hotel with all the luxuries. I’ll be back, there is so much more to see.

My presentation went great. I spent most of the day in meetings, groups, and discussions. It all went well. But it was still work.

I got back home last night around 1:00 am. There was a giant hole in my shower wall. This is a good thing. The leak in bathtub faucets is finally being fixed after getting progressively worse for the last year-and-a-half. A new shower head has been put on so now I don’t have to squat my knees or bend over to rinse the shampoo off my head (which as small as it may sound, is actually quite a luxury).

Thanks for all your luck, I know it helped.