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My Sugar Walls

Over at Howards blog (who is a very funny, relatively-recently-discovered-by-me, Denver blogger that you should bookmark as a favorite right now) we were discussing cheesy song lyrics. In the comments the discussion started to veer in the direction of: naughty lyrics = terrible lyrics = best lyrics ever! We were not talking about blantantly obscene lyrics. I mean more subtle but equally disturbing songs like Olivia Newtron Bomb’s “Physical“. Indeed, those are some of the naughtiest/horrible/most wonderful lyrics ever. And for some reason, I’m sure it had nothing to do with our age, we stuck mainly to songs of the 70’s and 80’s.

I racked my brain trying to think of the worlds most risqué/distressing/greatest lyrics ever. Then it hit me. It was 1984. I was only 11. My father, a friend of his, and myself were sitting on the couch watching TV after a long day of skiing. Music videos had been relatively new to my world at that point, so I probably forced them to watch MTV while they sipped their après ski gin & tonics and relaxed. Judging by the way they’re jaws dropped to the floor, they couldn’t have been happier with my decision. See, an incredibly sexy vixen named Sheena Easton popped up on the screen. She provocatively pranced around the stage singing her hit (#3 on the R&B singles charts in 1984) song “Sugar Walls”. I remember somehow, even at the tender young age of 11, I knew what this song was really about. The reactions of my father and his friend only reinforced what I had vaguely grasped.

These must be the hottest/most horrifying/impressivly fabulous lyrics ever!

My sugar walls
my sugar walls.
Where I come from there’s a place called heaven

That’s the place where all the good children go.
The houses are of silver
the streets of gold.
But there’s more where you come from – my sugar walls.

My sugar walls
my sugar walls.
Blood races to your private spots

let’s me know there’s a fire.
You can’t fight passion when passion is hot

Temperatures rise inside my sugar walls.

Let me take you somewhere you’ve never been

I could show you things you’ve never seen.
I could make you never wanna fall in love again

Come spend the night inside my sugar walls.

Take advantage
it’s alright

I feel so alive when I’m with you!
Come and feel my presence
it’s reigning tonight.
Heaven on earth inside my sugar walls.
Let me take you somewhere you’ve never been

I can tell you want me – my sugar walls –
it’s impossible to hide.
Your body’s on fire
admit it! Come inside.
My sugar walls
my sugar walls.
Come inside my sugar walls
my sugar walls
my sugar walls.
Come spend the night inside my sugar walls.

My sugar walls
my sugar walls.

And if those lyrics weren’t enough to make you tingle/puke/smile then you have to check out the videos below the fold.
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