True Blue

On Friday after work I headed over to My Brother’s Bar to meet up with a few peeps. After a couple of beers I was able to talk everyone into going to my favorite secret bar. I’m not sure why I wanted to take everyone there, I guess because I don’t want to go by myself. When we arrived, G and I climbed the apartment stairs and knocked on the door. I could see the dim bar lights in the small gap of space between the door and it’s jamb. A high pitched woman’s voice screamed from the other side:
“What do you want?”
“We came for a beer.”
“We ain’t open.”
“OK. But we brought Mattie”

So my plan was spoiled but I’m not surprised because, as everyone knows, secret bars are only open during weird hours. Anyway, I’m not gonna talk about my secret bar on this blog anymore for fear of other people finding out about it.

Somehow we ended up at the new Quixotes. I hadn’t been to its (semi) new location yet so it was worth checking out. The place was huge. There was free ping pong. We also got to check out a little bit of Great American Taxi. They were all right I guess, just really typical for a place like that. In the back of the place is this tape trading room/smoking lounge. The dude who worked back there was so creepy it was freaked me out a little. G didn’t want to go back there by herself. This guy refused to answer any question I gave him with more than one word, never left his computer station, and never greeted anyone who walked in. He would only engage in conversation (if you can call it that) if someone asked him a direct question. He was probably just too cool for everyone but it sure did come off sort of disturbing. It didn’t stop me from buying a live (Oct. 10th 2003) Ween CD off him though.

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  2. Okay, the next time you go to a ‘secret’ bar, I want to go simply for the fact that I’ve never been to a ‘secret’ bar before. I’ve been to My Brother’s since it was just a block away from the old [email protected]’s where we performed.

  3. Monkey’s Uncle still performs at Jack’s new location. We were the only improv troupe asked to continue with the move. It was a nice feeling. Our next show (shameless plug) is Mon., June 19th @ 8:00.

  4. Howard, do you guys still perform at [email protected]’s?

    LSE, no problem. I should warn you the show is three cd’s long and I only bought the first one. You might be better off going to Quixotes and paying $6 for the full set in addition to checking out all the other stuff they have (1000’s of bootlegs for $2 a pop). Plus it’l give you a excuse to drink beer at a hippy bar.

  5. let me get this straight…you go to a bar and YOU are so creepy
    that the only person you can find to talk to you is sombody who works there, and he is so “creepy” because he wont kiss your ass and stop what hes doing to listen to your drunken rambling? try that at any bar, with anybody that works at a bar and see how it goes dumbfuck

  6. Annon, Let me get this straight. You’re such a dumbshit that you assume the only person I can find to talk to is the freak in the backroom, that the jerk was actually working, and that I was drunk. You sure did read a lot into the situation, you jackass. I think it’s funny that you subscribed to these comments, you must really care what I think of you. Something tells me you’re the fucktard in the backroom.

  7. Which bar Anon? Your email says you’re in Denver and I’d love to stop by for a drink. Why are you not working on a Friday night? I’m sure you’ll get scheduled the bigger tip nights if you keep up the good work. Goodnight asshole.

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