What It’s all About

G’s Birthday Cake, Denver

Friday was all about holding babies and eating greasy hamburgers from the Candlelight.

Saturday was all about cleaning the house (pre party), seeing my old friend Crazy Dr. Pete on a surprise visit from Seattle, G’s 30th birthday party, and whooping it up.

Sunday was all about cleaning the house (post party), a quick trip to the mall, a meal with new friends (cabbage rolls but they had a funny name) and sleeping on the couch.

The last three sentences were all about this past weekend.

14 thoughts to “What It’s all About”

  1. unfortunately hubs, no i don’t have any extra tickets. the halloween show sold out the day tickets went on sale. i actually drove to boulder that morning and stood/sat in front of the box office for four hours to make sure i got tickets for both nights.

    if i end up going to prague before then, you can have my tickets for both nights.

  2. Nevermind ween, Little Spanish Edie, and, not that i wanna’ set anything in stone in case i get a better offer and all, you know, like a world tour or something, but do you have extra tickets to Prague? Why don’t you just go to the concert with Hubs and i’ll handle that Praha vacay.
    Always lookin’ out for my fellow bloggers.

  3. chevy – ok, i added the pictures back. pandy could get pissed at me for a lot worse.

    jg – cake is best for breakfast

    james – well it doesn’t hurt to ask. thanks for keeping me in mind fellow weener. heh.

    sadie – tons!

    isabella – hands off my tickets to the pra!

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