3 thoughts to “Breasts In 3-D”

  1. I have a pair of anaglyph glasses lying around, so I tried these out, it seems that the top two images are meant to be viewed with the red lens over the left eye, while the bottom two are meant to be viewed with the red lens over the right eye…not very professional of them, you’d think a 3D book would adopt a consistent standard!

    1. Very interesting Jesse. I happened to have a pair if anaglyph glasses laying around also, so I *cough* tested *cough* these images out as well, and you are right. I took the fourth image down since it was from a secondary website (not the artists), but the third image is definitely lensed backwards (blue over left eye). I sent the photographer an email about it. I’ll let you know how he replies.

      1. Here is the explanation I got back from author/photographerHenry Hargeaves:

        thanks for the heads up I’ll take a look, it happens sometimes with the software, all the images from the book were triple checked but the daily images from the blog come straight from the software so occasionally this happens…

        I added a few more images that are lensed correctly.

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