Caught Off Gaurd

Last night I went to Red Rocks to watch E.T. Seeing movies at Red Rocks is really romantic. I’ve taken a few dates to listen to music, have a picnic, watch a movie under the stars, and see the stunning twinkling lights of Denver in the background. It makes for a terrific date (ask Liz she had a hot date there last night too).

I went with Ali and Bear. They brought along a friend. I wasn’t expecting this, otherwise I may have presented myself a little differently as she was very cute and really interesting to talk to. It also seemed like we had a fair amount in common. I however, was looking slobby, stinking of cigarettes and caught off guard. This all dropped my confidence a little but made for a good challenge. She had expected other friends to come along but they all bailed on her so it was just us two and the married couple. It turned out to be an unintentional double date in my eyes (But that could very well be because I was attracted to her. She could have easily considered it a movie with friends and a stranger). Neither one of us expected it to be just us. Neither one of us expressed that we cared. We had good time, shared a blanket (that she brought) and picnic dinner (that she brought).

Oy. The more I write the worse this sounds. My point, anyway, is that I found her really attractive. I failed to get a phone number but am pretty sure I’ll be in contact with her again. I hope. Man I’ve been doing a lot of hoping lately.

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