Noteworthy Tumblr #5: Table For One

Table For One is simple. It has a white background, photos of people eating alone, a title, and that’s about it. However, it elicits some strong feelings from people. The tumblr didn’t evoke any negative emotions from me, maybe because … Continued

Noteworthy Tumblr #4: Pretty Colors

Pretty Colors is exactly what it says on the tin: a tumblr filled with pretty colors. Currently there are nearly 10,800 pretty colors posted. Under our current system only 16,777,216 colors that can be represented on the web. Given that … Continued

Noteworthy Tumblr #2: Learning To Be Left-Handed.

Elissa Rose decided to become left-handed. She is training her brain by spending a certain period of time drawing with her left hand each day, posting the results and discussing them on her tumblr Learning To Be Left-Handed. Within a … Continued

Noteworthy Tumblr #1: The Artifacting Tumblr

So I decided I want to blog about the interesting and unusual tumblr blogs as I come across them. I’ll be calling this series Noteworthy Tumblr. Of course the best way to kick off this series would be with a … Continued

A Geek’s Journal From 1976

I have recently been enjoying Steven Thompson’s new blog A Geek’s Journal 1976. Steven was a teenage geek in 1976 and he is blogging all of his old diary entries from that year. Each entry is from the current date … Continued

Bacon Blogs

A few of the Bacon Blogs I have discovered recently include Sizzology (by Denver blogger Joe), Royal Bacon Society, and Bacon Unwraped. I’m hungry.

Weminuche Wilderness Photos

I’ve mentioned Alex’s photography on this site before, but these pictures of the Weminuche Wilderness are stunning.

Castle In The Sky

Last Monday at twilight, a large cumulonimbus was hovering over east side of Denver. As an official member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, I went out to snap a few photos of this beauty. As always, click for a larger … Continued

Chaos On The Rink

I guess I’ll try and catch up on some of my recent doings. Last Friday was opening night for the Denver Roller Dolls. We got some free tickets for donating to Denver Safehouse which, of course, made the event even … Continued

Dip And Dunk

There was a time when they dotted the landscape in five and dime stores, bus stations, roller rinks, and amusement parks from coast to coast. In todays world of digital photography, finding an oldstyle photobooth (original chemical chemical dip & … Continued

Staring Out Windows

people spend hours staring out their windows, drinking coffee, talking on the phone, thinking all sorts of ideas. here you can find what people all over look out and see when they stand in the same situation you do each … Continued

It’s days like today that I can’t keep my eyes off the best Colorado back-country ski and snowboard blogs. If only they didn’t make me so god damn jealous with all those pictures of weekday powder.

Joe Mathlete of The Mathletes (sort of like a nerdy low-fi Postal Service) takes the time to Explain Today’s Marmaduke