Good god yall’ll. Wassa Shoobidy Doobidy. Woooo. Hoohaa. Jussa lil ole quick update ta letcha knows what’ve been upta.

  • I went to the office holiday party and Zengos. Oh my god that food is good. We needed a good tapas place in Denver.
  • Hung out with Leber at the old (red) haunt.
  • Sang Wings’ “Maybe I’m Amazed” on the Karaoke night at Shamrock. Two people actually left the bar because of my singing and one guy yelled out “Stay away from him!!!”. I shit you not. It made G cry, in a good way. I think it was in a good way.
  • Went to a holiday party at Side Effects (champagne and caviar can make me uncomfortable for several resons).
  • Moved my grandma out of the Alzheimer’s unit and into regular assisted living (great news!!)
  • Ate at Deluxe. It was absolutely scrum-dilly-icious but a bit pricey.
  • Spent an evening boozing it up at the Bannock Street Garage.
  • Worked my ass off till at least 7:00 every single fucking weeknight.
  • Zoinks
  • 7 thoughts to “Zoinks”

    1. Good for you and good for grandma. I’m glad you mentioned tapas because me and a co-worker were trying to find a tapas place around here. Satan says, “Thumbs up for Hubsville!”

    2. that is good to hear about your grandmother. my stepgrannny is in really bad shape and it’s going to be her last we think.

      when are you coming to bend to visit your friends?

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