What Do You Do On Date Night?

Cubbies vs Rockies :: Coors Field, Denver

Last Friday was date night. What do you do on date night? Go to the movies and then come home and make out, of course. Or miniature golf and heavy petting. We opted for the movies.

Saturday I went and visited my Grandma. She seemed to be doing better than usual. Which is scary because I know it can change on a dime and will ultimately make me more sad. But it’s great when I’m there and she seems to be alright (despite knowing the truth). So it was an enjoyable visit. Saturday night was sushi with my bro and his girl at The Sushi Boat (cool river, lame atmosphere, good sushi).

Sunday we tried out the over-hyped Snooze. Then we headed to the Rockies vs. the Cubbies game where I was torn with whom to cheer for.

All Aboard The Poopship Destroyer

Wholy shit mang! The Go! Team, The Flaming Lips, and Ween were all incredible this weekend.

We had a team at the doors at 10:00 am so our runners got us seats second row center (click the picture above to see me, and be sure to mark where you were at [click all sizes to get a good view of the crowd]). I was busy at will call but most of the others in our group got to watch sound check.

I really loved the Go! Team. I have been wanting to see them for a long time now. I bought there album as an import last summer not having any idea how much the pounds I payed for it transferred into dollars, just knowing I had to have it. Their show was complete energy and really pumped me up for what was about to come. Ican’t wait for them to get big enough to have an actual horn section.

Because of our coveted seats there was a lot of jockying going on before the flaming lips came on. Two incredibly huge dudes who were itching for a fight took my me and my friends seats when we went to get beer telling my brother that if we wanted our seats we were gonna have to kick their ass for them. Luckily a few friends back him up in the confrontation till security got involved. This all left a strange vibe throughout the night for me. There were a few times after that when I had to tell people who would just try to stand in front to get the hell out of the way. But my veiw was unobstructed for the entire show due to a two-year-old passed out in the row right in front of me.

The Flaming Lips were also tons of fun. Lots of theatrics and good tunes. Their cover of “bohemian rhapsody” was great, that’s a hard song to cover. But “war pigs” was weak I thought. The Santa and Alien dancers cracked me up. I like the fact that a couple got engaged on stage when normally I’d find that incredibly lame. It just seemed to be fitting for the atmoshpere this time around. Anyway, the flips had a great euphoric set and goods times.

Ween completely rocked my socks off. I was exhausted and still smiling by the end. Johnny On The Spot, Dr. Rock, and Buckingham Green, and Gene’s Arabic chanting were all highlights. Deaner fucking killed it all night and Gener’s rockin’ roll ego was larger than all of Red Rocks.

The whole day was great. A total time.

Lots of pictures here and here. And some more after the jump.

100 Things

Typical of nearly everything on this blog, and in my life, I’ve decided to once again just simply follow the crowd and do the cool thing. Also typically, I’m doing it about 2 years after the fad has been killed. You call it retro, I call it old. So ladies and gentlemen, it is without the appropriate fanfare, without further ado, and without an ounce of dignity that I present to you my 100 things list:

This Is So 14 Months Ago

Some of my favorite Googlisms when searching hubs

hubs is an innovative project
hubs is an enabling technology
hubs is fail or power off
hubs is organised into five departments
hubs is very expensive
hubs is to utilize state
hubs is a powerful tool for eliminating waste and cutting costs
hubs is just a bigger concentrator
hubs is only as fast as the speed of your network cards
hubs is only 5 meters
hubs is the information technology initiative that is transforming the mind
hubs is considered an unpopulated segment
hubs is that they are practically brainless
hubs is not extinct either
hubs is useful
hubs is nominated once a day to transcanada
hubs is hollow
hubs is a variation on the 501 hubs described above
hubs is that
hubs is a very similar process to that of the headset and bottom bracket
hubs is limited to five in order to place a limit on the round
hubs is driven by a number of factors
hubs is completed
hubs is limited to less then 5 meters
hubs is blinking
hubs is that it is hard to evaluate the quality of a suggestion
hubs is on display in the smithsonian institute
hubs is a misunderstanding
hubs is to bring together the best
hubs is a simple and cost
hubs is that low
hubs is easier than programming a vcr
hubs is 52mm
hubs is 500 pcs
hubs is treated as a single manageable entity
hubs is reported to work well; maybe a tad expensive for home use but good if you need lots
hubs is legendary
hubs is designed to accommodate larger
hubs is limited growth potential
hubs is $30 per month for the entire building
hubs is specifically designed
hubs is available for immediate shipment
hubs is another serious issue
hubs is available on our website
hubs is upset at joe for stealing his chick
hubs is crucial in building buzz
hubs is determined by long term reliability and for this we will always recommend shimano freehubs
hubs is by their level of complexity

Art In Your Park

Art At Your Park at Eban G. Fine Park, Boulder

On Saturday Pandy and me headed up to Boulder. We went to “Art In Your Park”. A friend of ours puts together an “art in your park” event in various parks around Colorado about once a month during the summer time. He has gotten a couple grants and a bunch of permits to help bring creative outlets and artistic awareness into the public. We pack up easels, water soluble non-toxic paints (cause little kids and dogs at parks tend to spill and drink a fair amount of paint), colored pencils, markers, crayons, painting boards, tons of good quality paper, cleaning supplies, a couple of signs, and all kinds of art supplies. We then haul it out to a local park. At the park, anyone who happens be wandering through and feels the need to get a little creative is free to do so. For free! Paint as many paintings you want, of whatever you want. All creativity is welcomed, and it’s a great way to expose kids and their parents alike to art and painting. Most parks bring in lots of families with variety of income levels, race, and other demographics. It’s fun seeing everyone have a good time. Nobody has walked away from Art In your Park without a smile. Boulder was no exception and the day was a real success (the last art in the park I attended was a bit of a flop due to weather) and lasted for about six hours. And really, not much can top a whole day of lazing around a park, taking in the sun, and relaxing – paintbrush or not.

The Good Stuff

Because I refuse to leave the last negative entry sitting here for three days – a few positive things going on.

  • Hubsville has a few fun construction projects in the works if the municipal bonds go through.
  • Long weekend – need I say more!
  • Fireworks, friends, BBQ’s, and Bike Rides in addition to general good times are planned over the next 72 hours.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of eating sushi and drinking Kirin Ichibans for dinner the last two nights in a row. Now if I can only fend off the mercury poisoning.
  • And a couple of great tunes to get everyone in the spirit of things.

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