Tweets For The Week Of 2009-01-26

  • So what does everyone think of @jkottke website redesign? #
  • I asked a 6 y.o. why she is celebrating MLK day today. She said, “because he saved the united states.” She was right. In a way, he did. #
  • FUCK! #
  • Stock market continues to slide dramatically today. #
  • You should all be going to Denver Pecha Kucha tonight. #
  • Pecha Kucha has been great so far. It’s over capacity standing-room only tonight. Slides! #
  • I’d appreciate your vote at virology Just click the squirrel on the right. #shamelessselfpromotion #
  • Is anyone listening to obama’s speech right now? He’s plans on banning gifts from lobbyists to his administration. Prostitutes flee Washington #
  • Obama signs first executive orders. #
  • Treasury Sec. designate Geithner admits to being confused by TurboTax! Obama, overhaul the tax system or find a new Treasury Sec. So scary! #
  • Barack and Michelle use fisting to keep each other physically bonded #
  • #followfriday crashed you, @micah #
  • I just voted for @mrlady at the bloggies. #
  • I was a babysitter at an early age, but my first actual paycheck came from washing rich, white, peoples golf carts. #myfirstjob #
  • ★ #

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