About Artifacting

Artifacting is this personal blog of Hubs. It’s been sitting on the internet since 2003. The editorial direction of the site has changed over the years. From inception to March of 2006 it was more of a personal journal and was hosted under the www.hubsville.com URL. It has since transformed into more of a compendium of interesting things I have found on the internet with the occasional personal post.

About Hubs

I’m hubs. This is my blog. Hubs isn’t my given name (entirely) but is what I’m called both socially and professionally. My friends, family and coworkers all refer to me as Hubs. You can too. This is my website and blog. My foray into blogging started in June of 2002 with a book review blog called “The I Love You Too Book List“. Professionally I’m a Market Research Analyst and a QA Analyst. Recreationally I’m a skier (both water and snow), golfer, traveler, stock market trader and fun lover. Spiritually I am lost. Physically I am located in Denver, Colorado and average height but below average weight for my age. On the internet I can be found on Twitter, Flickr, Last.fm, Stellar, Tumblr, Google+.

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