2007: The Year In Artifacting

Here are is a list of th best links I found during 2007

I love these close-up photographs of irises. They remind me of my “Self Portrait With Contact” photograph.

The awesome fellow Denverite, Jamie, over at DesignKlub, has created an incredible design guide for the Denver area. It’s divided into home shops, gifts and decor, unique finds, coffee & tea sections. Additionally, there are three great neighborhood guides for colfax, broadway and downtown. If you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, this oughta help. Great Job Jamie!

Birth Of The Boombox: 1976-1981

Just finished boning or just returned from a jog? Can you tell the difference?
My score: 9 out of 12.

After having a full day of riding roller coasters the other week, this site with front seat video for 56 of the best roller coasters in the country is fascinating.

A really fun collection of hand transformed PEZ dispensers.

Bacon scented candles.
Bacon = Freedom; Lettuce = Love; Tomato = Passion

Without comment. Men who look like old lesbians.

Top eternal questions in popular music.
232. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
99. Hello – is it me you’re looking for?
486. Do you like pina coladas?
231. Why Can’t I Be You?
403. Annie are you ok?
156. Are you gonna go my way?
72. Who wrote the book of love?
239. Who can it be knocking at my door?
326. Is she really going out with him?
424. Why, why, why, does he do me that way?
546. Are you surprised when I touch the dwarf inside?

The vast number of ordering options and new words with accented characters can make ordering fancy coffee drinks a bit intimidating. Lokesh Dhakar gives us side-by-side diagrams of a few common espresso drinks to help understand some of the differences.

These short stories and poems called “Peanuts, by Charles Bukowski” (actually by Hanstock) could possibly the most brilliant thing I’ve seen on the internet all year, maybe ever.

A quick look at unusual McDonalds menu items from around the world.

I love this hotdog homeland security threat level system. We are currently at threat level Chicago dog with the works.

I just got that excited/bummed out feeling you get when you see one of your bands on a major corporate TV commercial. I just saw an AT&T ad featuring Mates Of State. The ad features the beautiful song For The Actor. When my emotions boil down, I really am happy for their exposure though. Now Mates Of State have done ads before, but it didn’t faze me the same way because it seemed like it was for a good cause and because Jason and Kori were naked (sfw) in it. Anyway, listen to and download Mates Of State’s wonderful cover of Phantom Planet’s California while your here.


This is the best lölcat I ‘ve seen yet.

15 basic stretches performed by Kermit The Frog.

They’re not quite as cute when eating in the wild. More shots by Peter Zwitser.

English mealtimes explained (?)

I love this wall map of Aboriginal Australia. Using the published resources available between 1988 and 1994, the map attempts to represent language, tribal or nation groups of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Cool!

For Sale: One Useless Cat

They’re Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson

Dan’s bacon tattoo is one of the best tattoo ideas I’ve seen recently. He has plans for an entire “breakfast sleave” that I’m sure will be incredible. This is sooooo cool.

“Badges? We aint got no… stinking badges”

525+ Songs about food. No downloads unfortunately.

It’s a bit long but incredibly informative with a ton of downloads: The Complete Idiots Guide To Slayer

Download a zip file containing 72 different versions of “Stormy Weather” from WFMU (Warning: 263 megs).

Last October I told you about the unpublished chapter of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. But I think this tops it. Uncovered at this link are the “under-published” works of Jerome David Salinger. This collection consists mostly of out-of-print short stories. Salinger has deliberately kept most of these works out-of-print or off the market, so it should be said, the above linked website not only infringes on Salinger’s copyrights, it also makes certain material obtainable against Salinger’s will. But I’m not going to feel shamed for sharing the link, because some of it is fucking beautiful.

All My Friends Are Dead

Fuck Yeah!

Who are Jill and Mark? And why aren’t they my best friends? (Warning: pinball porn link)

This short video of a Giant Squid is a reminder that the oceans depths can be a very scary place.

What a queer bird the frog are:
When he sit he stand (almost);
When he walk he fly (almost);
When he talk he cry (almost);
He ain’t got no sense (hardly);
He ain’t got no tail, either (hardly);
He sit on what he ain’t got (hardly).

I would have joined Howard’s religion but the evangelicals are having much better sex.

Loituma Girl (also known as Leekspin) is a flash cartoon set to a gibberish section of the traditional Finnish folk song “Ievan Polkka” sung by the Finnish quartet Loituma, taken from their 1995 debut album Things of Beauty. The cartoon consists of a 4-frame animation of the Bleach anime character Orihime Inoue twirling a leek (a type of green onion, called a negi in Japan) to a 27-second loop from the song. Enjoy!

Harley Davidson + Yuppies + Weekend Warriors = They just don’t party like they used to, ya know (nsfw).

Colorado New Wave/Punk Rock: Documenting the 70s and 80s punk era in the rocky mountain state.

Six inch girls with six foot boobs.

Weird, live-action, reenactments of the Mary Worth comics published between May 17 and June 13, 1998. The short films are created from the exact frames of the comic with a howling wind soundtrack that give them an exaggeratedly spooky feel.

To commemorate their 25th birthday, Thrasher magazine has posted the first 12 issues of their magazine.

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  1. There is a lot to go through here but in my opinion everyone of them is worth there while, if even just for a quick laugh. Have a great evening!

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