2007: The Year In Movies

Below are the top 5 highest rated movies I saw during 2007, including a short review and my rating out of 10. Not a single movie I saw all year scored a ten out of ten (Little Miss Sunshine won that honor last year).

1. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
Heart wrenchingly sad, depressing, unbelievably moving and yet incredibly informative and somehow uplifting. A surprise from Spike Lee and a film everyone should watch (most likely through some tears).

2. The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Equally sad, funny, and heartwarming. This movie stuck with me for a while.

3. I Like Killing Flies
Generous servings of existential angst featured daily with a side of flies. Kenny Shopsin is shrewd, loudmouthed, vulgar, entertaining and smart. He’s is also my new hero.

4. Knocked Up
Very, very, very, funny. Not to mention charming and sweet.

5. Grey Gardens
This is equal parts creepy,disgusting, funny, and just plain old fascinating. Two bat-shit crazy birds run around their dilapidated mansion outdoing each other with quips of derangement and insanity.

UPDATE: I figured that I might as well add the worst movie I saw all year. You know, just to make things complete. It was a tie. Please avoid both of these movies.

1. Catch And Release
Ricochet romance at its worst. Gooey, unrealistic and all but the first ten minutes were predictable. Where have all the romantic comedies gone?

2. Shortbus
Not only have the Europeans had real life (not simulated) sex scenes in their movies for far longer than Americans, but the sex actually looks enjoyable. This movie portrays all the complexity of sex but none of the emotion. Basically, it is one giant gimmick.

2 thoughts on “2007: The Year In Movies”

  1. Yeah, I was doing some web surfing about it this afternoon and found out about the musical. Did you see it? I think it received decent reviews. This book, that comes out in the beginning of 2008 looks really interesting too.

    If you liked this movie you’ll have to check “Pie In The Sky”. It’s one of my favorites of all time. There is also a sequel to Grey Gardens which I have on my netflix list. It should be coming in any day now.

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