2008: The Year In Artifacting

Here is a list of the best links I found during 2008:

Am I awesome?

Love is embarrassing. At least that’s what Ava thought. And if you ask me she’s mostly right.

This website will do that tricky (age/2)+7 and (age*2)-7 kind of math for you. In bed.

Because seriously, who doesn’t like to watch cute things falling asleep?

There are now over 530,000 things the world is unable to articulate a response to.

Researchers Discover Massive Asshole In The Blogosphere. Via The Onion of course.

It has been quite a winter everywhere in the states. These frozen waves on Lake Huron look like gigantic slabs of blue salmon.

Michigan has had the coldest winter in decades. Water expands to freeze, and at Macinaw City the water in Lake Huron below the surface ice was supercooled. It expanded to break through the surface ice and froze into this incredible wave.



Did you know I have a tumblr brand tumble-log. Well, I do. Go check it out. It mostly contains a bunch of videos and pictures that aren’t appropriate for Artifacting, but there is some really great stuff over there. Perfect for a slow Friday afternoon.

Death metal + incredible dessert recipes = The Black Oven – immaculate confections succumbed to northern darkness. With recipes like “Where the Chocolate Beats Incessant”, “Le Petit Gateau du Les Legions Noire -Traditional cupcakes inspired by untraditional black metal”, and “Frostbitten Molasses Cookies Entombed with Ginger” this promises to be the best black metal cooking site on the web.

I’m pretty sure lemon curd doesn’t exist in Norway. However, if by some miracle Odin had bestowed upon the snow beaten north the gift of citrus, the vikings would have probably made these. Buried beneath the mountains of frost…are cookies! These are best enjoyed while basking in the self-righteousness of your own obscurity.

Don’t stop there. The Breadmaster Strikes!!!!!!!!!! comes in a close second when it comes to baking in hallowed depths of hellfire. SeitanWörshipper does a pretty good dark metal/food blog (from Finland of course) too.

You do NOT want to click this link. Really, you don’t want to click it.

James Grimmelmann over at The Laboratorium has a great post titled the “Carissa’s Wierd Genealogy Project” for all those who weren’t visiting this website back in the day. Go visit, James is an incredibly smart guy with an interesting blog.

Cooks.com’s infamous recipe for Wiener Water Soup. Wow, they’re really doing some big, big things on that website.

This interesting site allows you to anonymously share exactly how neurotic you are with the entire internet. If you are OCD I suggest not visiting this site as it will give you a lifetime worth of tics to dwell on. It didn’t take too long for me to find one that I could relate to:

All of the keys on my ring have to have the flat side facing the same direction. If I get a new key and realize I put it on wrong, I will drop whatever I’m doing at that moment no matter what, trying to get the key off and turn it around the right way.

In addition, My keys are on my ring in order of size (length).

101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less
101 Simple Appetizers in 20 Minutes or Less
101 20-Minute Picnic Dishes

In case you thought I was here to make friends…

Ween is playing tonight and tomorrow night at the Fillmore. I’ve got tickets for Thursday. You may not know that Gener has a Flickr account, or that Deaner has a fishing blog. Go check them out, they’re both pretty entertaining.

12 Angry Men + Glowing = 12 Glowing Men. An absolutely beautiful film by Martijn Hendriks.

Doveman (aka Harlem-based musician Thomas Bartlett who plays with David Byrne, Elysian Fields and The National among others) has created a shoegazer/emo version of the entire Footloose Soundtrack and his reasoning for doing so is pretty intense. Go check it out. My favorite is “Holding Out For A Hero”

Fear and Loathing is a great photoblog that provides “an outlaw view of the underbelly of the beast during the 2008 Democratic National Convention” that has been going on here in Denver the past few days.

I wish my first twitter would have been a little more witty than this. Link to your very first twitter in the comments.

Umbrella Today? is the simplest weather forecast on the web.

Upsidedowndogs.com is nothing but pictures of upside down dogs. And I’ll be damned if they’re not cute as can be.

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you know I’m not a stickler for correct spelling and grammar, but I thought you would get a kick out of this. Merriam-Webster has succumbed and updated the pronunciation of nuclear on their website citing:

Though disapproved of by many, pronunciations ending in \-kyə-lər\ have been found in widespread use among educated speakers including scientists, lawyers, professors, congressmen, United States cabinet members, and at least two United States presidents and one vice president. While most common in the United States, these pronunciations have also been heard from British and Canadian speakers.

For further research: Impact Of Wet Underwear On Thermoregulatory Responses And Thermal Comfort In The Cold.

In the wet condition 175 g of water was distributed in the underwear prior to the experiment. The test was done on eight men (Ta = 10°C, RH = 85%, Va < 01 m/s), and comprised a 60min resting period. Skin temperature, rectal temperature, and weight loss were recorded during the test. Total changes in body and clothing weight were measured separately. Furthermore, subjective ratings on thermal comfort and sensation were collected. The tests demonstrated the significant cooling effect of wet underwear on thermoregulatory responses and thermal comfort. Further, the tests showed that textile construction of underwear in a two-layer clothing ensemble has an effect on the evaporation rate from clothing during rest in the cold resulting in a significant difference in mean skin temperature. The thickness of the underwear has more of an influence on the thermoregulatory responses and thermal comfort, than the types of fibres tested.

A live feed of a box of puppies. If this doesn’t make your day feel just a little bit better, you have no soul. After going through a time change, an emotional presidential election, an 800-point-two-day drop in the Dow, and Halloween all in one week, it feels nice to know that these guys didn’t even notice.

Gavin Brock has created a cool website that uses Google street view to “walk around” random streets and boulevards in NY, LA, SF and Boston (more cities to come when the Google API improves). When combined with Gavin’s WebSaver application, this could make a cool screensaver for your OS-X based machine.

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