2008: The Year in Movies

Below are the top 5 highest rated movies I saw during 2008, including a short review and my rating out of 10. Two of the movies I saw during 2008 scored a ten out of ten – Juno and This Is Spinal Tap . Last year, not a single movie I saw deserved that honor (honor?).

1. Juno
Fast and furious one liners, witty comedy, hip music references, and pregnant teenagers. What’s not to like?

2. This Is Spinal Tap
How much more awesome could this movie be? The answer is none. None more awesome.

3. Once
Simply a lovely, long, graceful, heart wrenching/warming music video.

4. Ratatouille
A delightful movie about food, family, work, life and dreams. An original story with some great laughs. Oh yeah, some pretty decent animation in there too.

5. Lars And The Real Girl
A sweet and honest story that tweks the heart strings and funny bones just right.

I figured that I might as well add the worst movie I saw all year. You know, just to make things complete.

1. The Gaurdian
Pretty much just a stereotypical bore.

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