30 Ways To Make Your Life More Simple

  1. Don’t maintain, sustain
  2. Ponder more
  3. Also stop eating
  4. Take off your clothes
  5. Instigate fewer fights
  6. Resign from all of your commitments
  7. Just throw stuff away for God’s sake
  8. Remove your doors
  9. Start your day off
  10. Don’t poop (see #3)
  11. Loosen your load (not related to previous)
  12. Elude
  13. Huladancewhirlspin
  14. Less scouring
  15. Polytask
  16. Freak the fuck out
  17. Don’t try it
  18. If you have to try it, abbreviate it
  19. Edit you
  20. Simplify the Streamlining of your hacking systems
  21. Email stuff
  22. Pay attention to your 5 pdq’s
  23. Get more money honey
  24. Forget about it
  25. Cut off a couple of fingers on each hand – and maybe an ear
  26. Clutter clutter
  27. Take a minute to notice your elbows
  28. Anaesthetize
  29. Relocate closer
  30. Make a habit out of it everyday

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