4 thoughts on “Global Megayawn”

  1. discovery channel and bravo are pretty much the only channels i watch anymore outside of bronco games. just saw the yawning challenge last night!

    p.s. artifacting is quickly becoming a dependably entertaining outlet. thanks dude.

  2. I’ts about fucking time! Sheesh. For so long this has been neither dependable nor entertaining. Actually, it has mostly been full of yawns.

    also, no kidding about that bravo and discovery channel thing. welcome to my world. go miami ink!

  3. i didn’t mean that it’s ever not been entertaining; moreso just that you’ve been posting so frequently, and such good stuff. rawk on.

  4. haha. i know, i was just giving you a hard time.

    also i just realized that miami ink is on the learning channel because i’m watching it right now. i like tlc too.

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