The blizzard of oh-six has been more fun for me than hassle. We were finally able to get the cars dug out yesterday after three long days of being stuck and serious shoveling by both G and myself. The storm allowed me a few snow days from work that were rather lazily spent. On Wednesday night a few nearby friends braved the accumulating drifts and headed over to our house for Raclette. I had never had Raclette before and it’s wonderful, perfect for a cold snowy evening stuck indoors. How can you go wrong with cheese, sausage, potatoes, and onion? Yummmmm.

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4 thoughts on “Raclette”

  1. Raclette is DIVINE! And dude, I have those same sox 🙂

    Your place looks darlingly festive…hope you and G have a magnificent Christmas/New Year/ 2007 🙂

  2. I also had my first raclette this season and I must admit, I felt sooo stupid! You know, normally I know my cheeses and things like that, but I had neither heard of raclette as a cheese before, nor of the raclette meal. I was blown away by the whole experience!

    And just like you I visited Wikipedia to find out more. The link to that Australian site was a great help, especially this page: http://www.raclette.com.au/raclette_info/what_is_raclette.html

    But unlike you we didn’t have sausages and real onions, we had salty air dried ham and pickled onions (they are tiny in comparison).

    I definitely agree with Kath: Raclette is divine!

  3. Kath – Thanks for the holiday wishes. I hope your holidays are magnificent as well.

    SE – I remember you talking about that on your blog. Those must have been a really tough three years. I glad they’re behind you.

    Sal – I was blown away too Sal but mostly by flavor. Salty ham sound like a good variations. I love pickled onion so those sound like a nice raclette treat too. Thanks for stopping by and contributing.

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