24 Hours Of American Hardcore Punk Songs

After publishing the second edition of American Hardcore: A Tribal History, Steven Blush posted 911 American hardcore punk songs to listen to while reading his book. All the songs can be found in the table below. They total over 24 hours (2.25 Gig) of classic hardcore punk music ranging from “Impatient Youth” to “Flipper” and dating from 1978 to 1986. The links in the first column allow you to download any individual song.

If you’d like, I have also created a torrent that contains a single .zip file of all the songs.

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4 thoughts on “24 Hours Of American Hardcore Punk Songs”

  1. Thanks! My only question is about the tags… Will I need to clean up the tags on these tracks, or are they gonna go nuts in my iTunes library? Either way… Thanks again!

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