A Different Kind Of Nightlife

I had a couple of weird dreams last night. The first one involved me driving a car along a road that was so steep that it became inverted. It ended up tipping my car right over, where it dumped into outer space (apparently gravity works until you’re upside down in my dreams). In the other one, I purposefully, pealed one of my fingernails off painlessly (very similar tho the loosing teeth dream I’ve had a couple of times before). Anybody care to try to interpret these?

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  1. doing something that usually causes pain won’t? so go ahead and do it?

    i had a weird dream last night too… was gonna blog about it but can i just piggyback?

    I had to leave an assembly early to pickup henry, and there we’re all tese speakers so i got hustled out a back door. There, unexplainedly Bill Clinton emerges, gives me a cookie and smiles.

  2. Welcome to da club!
    I remember my college roommate explaining her “losing teeth” dreams and thinking she was completely off her rocker. Then I started having them…
    After 4 or 5 of them I marched to the library and looked it up. You’re either a) really stressed, or b) going through a period where you miss your childhood /homesick.
    So good luck with whatever you may be going thru.

  3. ive always heard that losing your teeth meant you were gonna come into money.
    and the more teeth you lost, the more money there would be.

    the mountain one probably signifies that you have fears about what youre about to face in your life or career or whatever.

  4. Driving dreams are said to indicate some feeling about how you’re “driving” your life, whether you’re in control, just a passenger, flying off the face of the earth into outer space, and so on.

    A losing-teeth dream, one of the most common dreams, also has something to do with losing control or power.

    But the fingernail dream sounds to me more like, you’re considering shedding a situation or character trait that seems to be a part of you, but is actually painless to peel away.

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