A Night At Jerusalem

I went out to dinner with my pops last night and will be doing so again tonight. We ate at a little (only 10 or so tables, and some additional seating outside that was not an option because it was snowing) place called Jerusalem Restaurant over in the Denver University area. The Jerusalem restaurant is owned by the Wahdan family and has been in operation since 1978. Dinner was really relaxed and it was an enjoyable evening.

2 thoughts on “A Night At Jerusalem”

  1. oh! you’re in Denver. I should try this place. Do they serve the Turkish coffee with cardamom, the stuff that’s loaded with sugar and leaves a thick sludge at the bottom of the cup? Love that stuff.

  2. Yup, I’m a Denver native (we’re so proud). I’m not sure if they have Turkish coffee there or not. It sure does sound good though and strong too! A menu can be found here. The place is a really a bit divey, but the food is great.

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